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Today we have for you games with Polly Pocket and her friends and this games are offered in a special category dedicated especially to them.

The most played games from this category are: Polly Pocket Pet Adoption Party (played: 2270 times), Polly Pocket Mermaid World (played: 1932 times), Polly Hasty Cake (played: 1893 times), Polly Pocket Show (played: 1658 times), Polly Pocket Surf (played: 1598 times).

It is time for more and more online categories of games, new games in which we would love you to join us and have fun. The administrative team of is as always happy to be able to offer you new categories , so we invite you to join us and play some fun online games with some of the most loved characters. Today we have for you games with Polly Pocket and her friends and this games are offered in a special category dedicated especially to them. We are as always more than happy to be able to bring you more and more online games with new characters and we are waiting for you to join us and play each one of them. Polly Pocket, as the title of the series suggest, is the main character and one of the most loved dolls by kids from the entire world. Polly is a very lovely girl, a girl who loves to help people and she is always energetic, an active person who likes to spend her tie with her friends and animals. Polly loves to travel , sport and even more, she loves fashion. Polly’s mother died when she was little and she was raised by her father who is incredibly rich . She loves her father a lot, but most of the time she does not get the needed attention from him. She mentain a very tight relationship with the people who are handling the house, the butler and the servants. Polly respects all of them and treats them more than an equal. Polly uses the fortune she has and with it’s help she manages to help other people, go in vacations with her friends and have a lot of fun. In this new and fun online category that the administrative team of has to offer for you, you will find all the existing online games with the characters from the series Polly Pocket and her friends. Lisa is one of the best friends, a fashionista who is always showing for the last trends and accessories and she is also considered to be a drama queen, believing in all kinds of superstitions. Lea is another one of her friends, a girl who is in love with all kinds of animals and compassionate toward them, always helping when needed. Another one of Polly’s friends is Kerstie, a very kind girl who has a passion for baking. In Pollyville, Kristie is a baker and has a lot of success, she also loved to go in adventures with polly and her other friends and to share the stories of her adventures. We are sure that you will get to love them and we invite you to try all the online games that we have to offer especially for you. invites you to like and share us on Facebook and Google Plus in order to get notifications each time we have for you a new game and be among the first to play it. Have fun!