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What are Polly Pocket Games?

The cutest Polly Pocket games & challenges are ready to be played online! The Netflix series with dolls is bringing the best makeovers and a lot of adventures for kids!

Right here on our website, you, dear kids, can see how much fun you can have playing amazing new Polly Pocket games online every day of the week. You can see that inside these new challenges, you will find out about a brand new series! We are presenting for you, guys, today, the new Polly Pocket games category, in which you can meet with all of your friends, and make new ones because this is a series that appeared in 2018, so it's rather new, and you might have not explored it yet. Polly Pocket is the name of the series, which you will learn that was originally created for broadcasting on YouTube for all the children in the world, but after it was launched, the series was very popular and started to be viewed on multiple platforms, not only on YouTube.

This new cartoon is going to be a lot of fun because it's going to be created especially for girls, and you, dear kids, will see that it's a 2D animated adventure series, with different fantasy elements, and the entire action is going to be based on the main character, which has the same name as the show, Polly Pocket! The first episodes were produced in Canada for Family Channel and since then, you kids, can see that the entire show is available on different platforms such as Universal Kids, and lately on Netflix, which is available all over the world. You can watch the new 2022 episodes of Polly Pocket on Netflix, and we are sure that once you watched the show, you can start looking for the Polly Pocket games for girls right here on our website.

The entire show is going to have an amazing adventure ready for you to start with Polly Pocket and all of her doll friends, and we are sure that you will have a great time playing the Polly Pocket games as well. Polly Pocket is the main character of the story, and you will see that she is going to be present in each and every one of the episodes or the games that we are going to start posting starting today. You will see that Polly Pocket is going to be easily recognizable, being the main character, as she is going to be always in the center of attention, but also because she appeared in other doll games or adventures, such as Barbie games, Bratz games or LOL Surprise games, which are also available right here on our website.

Start the Polly Pocket games & challenges, finish the adventures, and you will be rewarded with amazing prizes & you will even be able to see which are the cutest dolls from the Polly Pocket show that you can play with. It's a lot of fun because the dolls look like young kids, and they will be dressed almost the same every time. You will have to be very careful, because you will have different Polly Pocket games online, in which you have to recognize the character based on just a part of a picture, on details from an outfit or little traits of their personalities, so you have to be sure that you learn the Polly Pocket characters behaviors, and you will manage to become the best player of each quiz game, and you will be rewarded with a lot of points in each and every one of the challenges that you start!

Know the Polly Pocket dolls

For the entire Polly Pocket gaming experience to be one off the charts, you, dear kids, will have to know who you are going to play with! For that, we have prepared for you, guys, short descriptions of each and every one of the Polly Pocket characters from this new show! You will meet the dolls, male and female, and they will look different, they will even have special abilities, and you will have to know their secrets because they will come in handy through your adventures in Polly Pocket games. You, dear children, will see that the main character of the story is going to be Polly Pocket, an 11-year-old genius girl, who loves to go on adventures, start new challenges, and learn a lot of things on her journies, and one of her favorite things to do is to help people, no matter what. She has special abilities, and one of the most important things in her life is the locket that she got from her grandmother. Polly wears the locket everywhere and tries her best not to lose it, in the memory of her grandmother, Penelope Pocket.

Another character in this amazing show is going to be Pierce Gregory Pocket, which is Polly's 16-year-old brother. He wants to make his own money, and he is a hard worker, which can be seen in the first episode, where he appeared as the delivery boy for the assistant manager at the Peanut store. Besides Pierce Gregory, you will see that there's another character appearing. Blossom is the name of the third character, and she is Gregory's pet hedgehog. The two brothers seem to get along better and better after Polly got the locket from her grandma, and you will see that they will even go on awesome adventures together to try to unlock all the mysteries - you will have to do the same in Polly Pocket games online! The two brothers seem to drift apart in season 4 though, when Pierce is getting ready to go to school at Cosmopolitan City University.

Lila Draper is another character that you are going to meet with a lot in this new show. She is going to be Polly's friend throughout the entire show, and you will see that she is going to be very easy to recognize, because she is very savvy, and she has a little bit of a Scottish accent. Lila loves to play dress-up, and her main occupation is to talk about fashion, and you can see how many dress-up games for girls she will bring for you, guys, and how many amazing makeover challenges she is going to prepare for you to solve through the Polly Pocket games online on our website.

Shani Smith is an African America nerd character who has stage fright. Shani is the peacekeeper and the brain of the group, who always comes up with different plans when they go on an adventure so that they can finish it successfully. Nic Wells is a boy from Polly Pocket's class at school, and he has a small attempt to investigate different paranormal phenomenon, and that's what is going to make him interesting for the show.

These are just a few of the Polly Pocket characters that you are going to meet with inside this new category that we just posted. You can see that each and every one of these dolls will prepare for you amazing little challenges and games that you are just going to love! Inside these games, you will see that the characters will prepare for you amazing little puzzles that you have to solve by clicking on an object or a puzzle piece, and you will have to put them in the right spot so that the puzzle is going to be finished.

Polly Pocket will prepare for you, boys and girls, a lot of adventure games, in which you will see that there will be platformer games, in which you will have to use the A, S, W, D keys or the ARROW keys on the keyboard to make your avatar move on the adventure plane. You will see that your mission is going to be to reach the finish line of the levels in Polly Pocket games, and so you will unlock a new one! For you to have extra points, you have to collect each and every one of the bonus points and the tokens on your way and make sure that the Polly Pocket dolls will stay safe throughout the adventure, and you will unlock new action games for you, kids, to play for free.

Is Polly Pocket a normal girl?

No, Polly Pocket is a doll character.

Is Polly Pocket available on TV?

Yes, the cartoon series is aired on Family Channel and Universal Kids.

Can we watch Polly Pocket on Netflix?

Yes, the cartoon is available with all its seasons on Netflix.

How does Polly Pocket look?

She has blond hair, a pink top, blue jeans, and blue eyes.

How many seasons does Polly Pocket have?

Until now, there are 4 seasons available.

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