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Puss in Boots is a very cute cat, that is dressed as a musketeer and which starts amazing adventures and fights against dragons, ogres, or villains in his kingdom to keep his family safe and serve the king, and he is ready to solve puzzles, riddles and be brave with you guys while running through the forests of the kingdom.

What are Puss in Boots Games?

Here on our website, you dear kids can find which are the best and the most interesting games, stories, cartoons or tales that are transformed into online games of all sorts, and so we are presenting for you today a new story that we are transforming into a full games category, in which you are going to meet with a lot of animal characters, a lot of adventures and a lot of interesting actions that you can try even on your phones and tablets.

Puss in Boots is the new category that we are publishing right now on our website, and you can see that this is going to be a full category of adventures, puzzles, coloring challenges, dress-up games, action games, boys games, and even girly games that, of course, can be tried even on your phones and tablets, not just on your laptops or computers, so you can try to find your favorite game from the category fast and tell us all about it.

Your Puss in Boots

This new story can be found all over the world, even though it originated from Italy and it was called Il Gatto Con Gli Stivali, and it was translated as Master Cat, or the Booted Cat, but in 2021 it's known as Puss in Boots, and you might have read the comic books, the children books, might have seen the animated series, the animated movie and the tales of the brave cat that was dressed as a musketeer, and which started to go in adventures and even had the ability to talk, which made the kids all around the world love Puss in Boots even more.

This is the short introduction of this new category, but the games that we are going to start and present for you guys are going to be amazing, many of them will be add free and HTML5 online games that can be played on all devices or browsers, so we are sure that you are going to be very happy about it.

You are going to learn that the story of Puss in Boots started with a miller, which expected an inheritance, but it wasn't a house, money, a car or land, instead he received a little cat, which told nothing at the beginning, but this was no ordinary cat, because as the name said, the cat started to wear boots and even walked on two legs like a human being. Like any other cat, Puss in Boots was very brave and fearless, which means that he started to walk the land and even protecting it from mice, from foreign dogs or other types of predators that might kill or hunt down other animals that lived with him at the mill.

Puss in Boots started to become the protector of the mill, but he became braver and braver even outside the land of the mill, so he started to help his master to become even more notorious in the kingdom, and one day, he found a rabbit in the forest, which he hunted, caught and presented to the king of the realm as a gift from the owner of the mill, which impressed Marquis of Carabas, and that made Puss in Boots worthy of his legacy, and that made him want to give the king, even more, presents of different kinds, and with each present offered to the king, he was rewarded until Puss in Boots became a very well dressed cat, with a little sword, boots and a nice hat with a feather on it, which make him look like a real musketeer.

Puss in Boots in his adventures

The little cat character of the story wants to make a better life for him and his master, so he prepared an entire plot to help the Marquis to fell in the graces of the king, and one day, while the mill owner and his daughter were taking a bath, Puss in Boots stole and hid their clothes, and because he knew that the king will pass by the river, he started to make a fuss about getting robbed by awful people, and the king believed the entire story, and helped Puss in Boots and his owner to get back to his castle, where the king dressed Marquis very good, in a very nice suit, and her daughter with princess dresses, which made her even more beautiful, and that's when Puss in Boots' plot takes a different turn, because the king has fallen in love with his owner's daughter and her for him.

As a consequence, Puss in Boots and his family are moving into an old castle, but that's when the main character of this story is finding his first big enemy and apparently nemesis, because it's the first villain or enemy of the story that Puss in Boots is frightened off, and you can see why if you continue to read this short plot of the story.

Inside the castle, there's a big and powerful ogre that was already living in the old castle, and Puss in Boots is scared of him, because the first thing that he did when they encountered, was to show his power of shifting shapes. The Ogre changed into a lion in front of Puss in Boots, and that made him fear the Ogre's powers, but he will be determined to defeat his enemy like all the previous ones, and so the new adventure inside the castle starts while he is trying to keep his family protected, keeping the secret that his owner is just an ordinary mill owner and that his daughter is not a princess that the king could marry.

Even though he is very little, Puss in Boots is starting to think about ways that he can defeat his new opponent, and you can soon learn that he managed to do it, because the main character is smart and very creative, so he tricks the ogre to change into a tiny mouse, and that gives Puss in Boots the opportunity to attack his normal pray in nature, and while playing with the little mouse, the musketeer eats the mouse, and that ogre is removed from the story and obviously the castle.

Find the cat's style

Puss in Boots has to be recognized fast in any of the games from our website, and in any other story, movie or cartoon that you watch on TV or on the internet, so the little cat has a very interesting style, and you can spot him from a crowd pretty fast, being the first and only cat that is dressed mostly as a musketeer from the Three Musketeers novel.

The first thing that will make you think, oh, this is Puss in Boots, is that even though he is a cat, he always stays in two feet like a human being, and he has the ability to talk, which might be spooky, but he has a very nice and low voice with a french accent, and he has a very high-class attitude, never wanting to be dirty, doesn't eat everything and being picky with his entourage.

It's funny to see a cat dressed as a swordsman, but you can see how good he will look with his feathered hat, a nice jacket with a white shirt under it, a belt on it's waist where he keeps his sword, he doesn't have pants tho, and of course, very important that he always has his boots on, because he doesn't want to get his paws dirty or wet when he walks.

What does Puss in Boots do?
He is always in an adventure trying to defeat villains.

What is the moral of the story Puss in Boots?
Good looks and good manners, and some aid from the dress.

Who is the villain in Puss in Boots?
One of the villains of the story is the ogre that can change its form.

Is Puss in Boots a Disney movie?
Yes, the first Puss in Boots movie from 1922 was made by Walt Disney.

Why did Humpty turn into a golden egg?
Humpty sacrificed himself, a golden egg surrounded by eggshell.

Where can we play Puss in Boots games?
All the Puss in Boots games are available on games-kids.com, and can be played on mobile phones, laptops, computers or tablets.


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