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Rank the prank, has as participants real kids which are controlling all the pranks from the tv show.

Did you missed us? We are back with a new and funnier online category of games, a category that will bring to you dear followers and friends so many new interesting games that we hope you will enjoy playing them. As usual our team wants to offer to you the best from the best, so we have come up with this new online category, and we hope that you will be thrilled to visit our website. In this new category we want to surprise you with a real life time adventure, an adventure where you will get to know more friends. So as we already said this category is about pranks, yes dearest friends, pranks from all over the world. This new online category is about Rank the prank, a television series from your Nickelodeon friends. Rank the prank, has as participants real kids which are controlling all the pranks from the tv show. You will get to see how to make a real prank to someone which you know that will enjoy falling in to it. This show has two teams of prank-loving kids, which join forces with professional special effects gurus, or 'effectors', to plan, prep and pull off some truly tricked-out tricks on the unknowing public in a bid to out-prank each other. The themes of the pranks are lefted to their imagination so you are welcomed to give them ideas. But the fun doesn't end there, next it's up to a panel of kid judges to decide which prank takes the cake, which means that the losing team will end up with a cake on their faces . The winning team is given the opportunity to stage an epic prank on their family or friends! How cool is that? Every game that you will find in this category will amaze yuou and will bring you closer to winning the title of the best prank ever .Dearest friends and followers are you ready to be part of this new adventure? We sure we are and we hope that this will bring the necessary amount of fun for you and your friends and that you will get to make up the best pranks ever and hopefully never get caught up.How interesting can be to walk in to a museum and to be followed by a T Rex , or a monkey head in to your lunch box? This is what waits for you guys in this new amazing online category where you will get to know all the tricks and pranks by playing all those amazing games that this new category has to offer especially for you, our dearest friends. Come and join games-kids.com and explore all the amazing categories we have to offer especially for you and your friends.