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This new category that we have for you next is dedicated to the characters from the serie Sabrina Secrets of a Teenage Witch.

It is time to offer you a new and beautiful online category of games, another category that we want to add to our collection of categories. Every time we have the chance we offer you new categories of games with both character or different types of games. This new category that we have for you next is dedicated to the characters from the serie Sabrina Secrets of a Teenage Witch. Here we want to offer you as many new games as possible and we invite you to join us and have fun. We will try to offer you soe details about the characters from the serie, so join us and have a lot of fun. The serie shows to us the adventures of Sabrina Spellman, a girl who discovers on her sixteenth birthday that she is a witch and that she needs to learn how to act like one. As a novice witch, her spells often go wrong and she has to practice a lot . Her aunts Hilda and Zelda Spellman counsel her on the proper use of her magic and give her moral advice, even if she does not ask for it sometimes. Additionally, Hilda and Zelda must take care of Salem Saberhagen a witch turned into a cat for trying to take over the world, the witch that will befriend with Sarbina. Sabrina prefers to remain on Earth in the human city of Greendale because she is interested to find out what the non-magical world has to offer for her and she loves it there, especialy because she has a lot of friends. According to Spella, she has the magical potential to be able to strengthen and magnify her abilities tremendously. Sabrina is mostly optimistic, caring, kind, friendly, warm-hearted and open-minded to everything around her in both the magical and human worlds. She is very helpful and loving to her paternal aunts, Hilda and Zelda, as they are her only living relatives. She is also very protective of her pet cat, Salem, as she clearly fears for his safety and wellbeing. Salem now serves as a spy to Enchantra and also possesses a limited extent of magical abilities. He dislikes working for Enchantra and following her orders to ensure that Sabrina's life in the human world is insufferable and unbearable enough to live in the magical world. His most desired wish was to become the feline king of Greendale, even if this is quite impossible. He seems to have some respect and great fear of Enchantra, as she orders him around all the time as her loyal spy and servant. He eventually rebels against her and decides to live a free life as a human man named Sal. In this new category that we have for you, you will have all the existing games at your disposal and we are sure that you will love them. Have fun!