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The new category that we have decided to offer to you is dedicated to the characters from the nikelodeon animated serie, Sanjay and Craig. We want to offer you in this new category as many games as we can and that is why we invite you to join us and have fun.

We are very happy to say that the brand new Sanjay and Craig games is the latest category that we can present for you guys. This is a new series of challenges in which you can have a great time playing with all of your friends for free. The main characters of the Sanjay and Craig games are right in the title, and we are going to start by presenting this new show, the characters, the plot and of course, which are the most popular Sanjay and Craig games online that you can play for free! Another surprise that we have prepared for you boys and girls is that these new challenges are free to play, and the technology -HTML5- is going to allow the kids on our website to play them on your mobile phones, computers, laptops or tablets wherever you are in the world.

We love seeing kids have a lot of fun, so starting from today, you can see that we have already filled the Sanjay and Craig games category with awesome adventures, puzzles, coloring games, dress-up games, action games and boys ability games in which you can meet with your favorite characters. It’s going to be a blast playing in this new category, because we know that it’s very popular among kids aged between 4-11. This is a Nickelodeon story that appeared in 2011, and since then the series had three full seasons aired on Nickelodeon and Nick JR, where it gathered a big pool of fans.

A big surprise of this new category is that you will even find animal characters, because there’s one of the main character that is a snake! You have the chance if you stick with us to see which one of Sanjay and Craig is the snake!

Snake friends

The entire show from Nickelodeon is going to be amazing, and you will see that it’s time for you to meet with the characters, and of course start to play Sanjay and Craig games! The series is going to center around the adventures of Sanjay and Craig, which will all have a drop of comedy in them so that you can have even more fun than you think. The entire action of the series is going to take place in Lundgren, a small town. Sanjay is living with his parents, called Vijay and Darlene. Like in most Nickelodeon games or stories, you will see that some animals in this one have the ability to talk, and of course, we are talking about the second main character of the series, Craig! Craig is a talking snake, that talks secrets with Sanjay, and he is often hidden from neighbors or other people that might be a threat for Craig.

The beginning of the Sanjay and Craig games is going to help you relate more and more with the main characters, and you will be able to learn more about the series and which will be the adventures that are going to wait for you ahead. Inside this new series of games, you dear children can see how much fun you can have playing awesome little challenges like Sanjay and Craig puzzles games, Sanjay and Craig adventure games, online Sanjay and Craig coloring games, and plenty of Sanjay and Craig ability games, which you all can easily find and start playing inside our new category.

There are a lot of stories ready for you to explore inside the new Sanjay and Craig games category, and you will have a great time playing all of them for free with all of your new friends and characters. Help both characters to have the highest score in each level, and you will become their best friends.

Meet the characters

Sanjay Patel is the main character, and he is a 12 years old half Indian American boy. Sanjay is a normal boy that has a special pet and best friend, because not plenty of kids have a snake as a pet. They are both going on some of the most interesting challenges and adventures. Like any 12 years boy, Sanjay has a girl in school that he likes, and his crush’ name is Belle Pepper. She also can be spotted at the Frycade, the place where Sanjay and Craig often spend their time, and where the episodes are taking place pretty often.

Craig Slithers is the second main character of the Sanjay and Craig games. Craig is a little green snake that Sanjay fell in love with inside a pet store, and since that day, they are always together. Craig will have a very special ability, which people would never think of for a snake! He is considered a master of disguise, and you will see through the Sanjay and Craig games here on our website, that he will often be dressed as a policeman, a doctor, a fireman, an engineer or a builder, which will be his special skill to blend through people.

Vijay and Darlene Patel are Sanjay and Craig’s parents, and they will all live in the same house, trying to put different rules on the kids so that they are protected and stop getting in as many troubles and dangers.

Where can we watch Sanjay and Craig?

The series is on Nickelodeon.

Are Sanjay and Craig both human?

No, Craig is a green snake.

Does Craig have any special skills?

Yes, he is considered a master of disguise.

How many seasons does the Sanjay and Craig show have?

The show has 3 seasons.

How old is Sanjay?

Sanjay is 12 years old.