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The new category that we have for you is dedicated to the characters from the series Shiva that airs on Nick India.

We move further for today and we offer you other new and fun categories for you to play with some of the most beloved characters . The new category that we have for you is dedicated to the characters from the series Shiva that airs on Nick India. As you can see the number of our categories is increasing everyday as we offer you more and more when we can. With the categories, you receive even more new and fun online games, with new characters, new friends for you. We made a huge progress this year and we are happy to be able to offer to you more and more new and fun online categories, new categories in which you have more and more fun online games to play with us and your favourite characters. Today we will bring you all the information we have about the new category with Shiva that we create and after that we will also put at your disposal all the online games we have with him. wants you to join us, go through the details we have for you next and prepare for the amazing online games that we will offer especially to you. The story of this new nick animated series centers around a young 9 years old boy who’s name is Shiva and his fun daily activities with his friends. Shiva is a ordinary school kid who loves to have fun with his friends. Everything canges when Shiva has to start fighting against the villain in his town with the help of his friends and his super gadget cycle. Whenever someone is in danger and Shiva finds out, he rushes to save them and does everything he can to become the hero his town needs. Shiva is full with energy and he is very clever with a perfect characters and with no desire to gain from his hero acts , no selfish desires. He has a few friends that is with him all the time, always ready to join him in his missions. One of his friends is Aditya, a boy with a good sense of humor and with the ability to always get in trouble. Reva is another one of Shiva’s friends, a creative girl and the breain of the group. Uday is somehow the clown of the group, the one that is always making you laugh and with whom you would love to spend time with. He is not the bravest of the group but he sure is the most optimistic of the group . Here in this new and fun online category that we have decided to offer to you next, you are invited to join us and have a lot of fun while playing with your favourite characters from the animated series from nick India. is eager to see you play all the games and to spend as much time with you as possible. Enjoy!