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This time the new category that we have decided to offer to you next is a fun category dedicated to the Disney series known as Soy Luna. The most played games of Soy Luna games for kids are: Luna Roller Pop, Soy Luna Master Chef, Soy Luna Math Quiz and Soy Luna Jewel Match. Games from this category is recommended for girls. So, lets play!

What are Soy Luna Games?

Come and join us in another new and fun category of games, new categories that we have to offer especially for you. We are very happy to offer you new categories and we wants you to have fun while playing our games. is a website were you are offered a lot of fun online games and in order for us to be able to offer those games, we would need to create special categories for them. In this new and fun categories we place games with some of the most loved characters, characters that you all love, or will get to love. This time the new category that we have decided to offer to you next is a fun category dedicated to the Disney series known as Soy Luna. We have decided that now would be the perfect moment to bring you new games and why not start offering you the games with the characters from Soy Luna? Here in this new and fun category we come with a few details about the story of this series and with all the existing games that we found, so that you may enjoy your time here on our website. We want you to get to know Luna and her friends before you can play the games that we have to offer, so here we are offering you some of the best online games, but before that, a few details. Luna is a beautiful teenager girl and the main character of the series with the same name. She lives in Cancun Mexico with her family and attends school there. She has her own group of friends and is in love with skating. Her life was magical in Cancun, until one day everything changed when her parents were offered a job that was supposed to get them move to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Luna is a simple girl and courageous , with a big heart and a few passion, among the skating passion there is also the singing and dancing one. Once she gets to Argentina she meets Nico and Matteo. Matteo tries to flirt with her but with no success as she is not interested at the beginning. Her life changes completely in Argentina and she has to start over, making new friends, getting used to school and the people there. As a typical teenager she has a few troubles and misunderstanding with her parents, but all can be solved in time. She has to go through a lot of obstacles, chasing her dreams and proving how brave one can be when has ambition. Here you will get to know her better by playing the games and you will also get to know her friends. We want to offer you all the games with Soy Luna so join her in this new and fun online category that we have for you next and have fun, only on!

The games from Soy Luna category was voted by 840 times and have 4.18 stars.

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