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What are Star Darlings Games online?

The administrative team of has decided that now is highly time to bring you the category dedicated to the new disney characters from Star Darlings.

Well it is time to move further and bring you another new and fun online category of game, a new category created especially for you. The administrative team of has decided that now is highly time to bring you the category dedicated to the new disney characters from Star Darlings. The administrative team of is constantly looking for new categories to offer to you and we really hope that we succed. This new and fun online category that we have for you now is only one of the many categories that we have in store for you. We are uploading all these new and fun online categories because in them we place the games that match to the created categories, and so that you may be able to find them more easily. Our number of categories is fast increasing and we are happy to see that the number of the games increase even more. We love to offer you as many new and fun online games as possible and we are sure that you will have fun playing them. Here we would like first to talk about the characters from this new Disney serie and help you get to know them even better. Reading the details that we offer to you in each category, helps you understand better the characters or get to know them if you never heard of them, so that the experience you have while you play the games to be amazing. Start Darling is the story of a group of twelve teenage girls from school Starling Academy . These girls were chosen to go to earth and grant twelve special wishes so that they can save Starland from evil forces. The name of these twelve girls are Sage, Libby, Leona , Vega, Scarlet, Cassie, Piper, Astra, Tessa, Adora, Clover and Gemma. We will offer you games with all twelve girls and we want you to try each one of enjoy them. The games will be offered as they appear, so you will be among the first to play them. Sage always wanted to be a Wish Granter and when she got admitted at Starling Academy , her dream come true. She is a very positive force and very bold, always looking at the bright side of things. Scarlet is another one of the lucky girls who got admitted, a strong independent and confident girl she has a lot of prove and she fights to show the truth that she is a Star Darling. Leona has everything it takes to become a Wish Granter, but she also has a dream, the dream of becoming a pop star. Leona has decided that the only way to break the routine from the lifeless town Fairfield, is to go to Starling Academy. Leona does not like being cold, she loves lying in the sun and enjoying the time that she has with her friends. We are sure that you will enjoy playing all the games that we have for you with your friends and while playing them you will have to know all of them and enjoy spending the time with them. Have fun, here on!

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