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Steven Universe games online are the best… in the whole universe! All your friends will want to join you & have fun! The new category that we want to offer you is a funny new category in which you have the best games with Steven Universe and his friends.

What are Steven Universe Games?

Steven Universe games are the best games that you can play online on this page and of course for free as well! If you choose to play with these games you will be able to experience so much fun in your playtime as this Steven Universe game category has to offer you a lot of funny games in which you will have some great time with Steven and his great friends. We know that a lot of you really love these Steven Universe games and that is why we have collected the best games with Steven Universe that can be found on the internet and the good thing is that you can find all of them in this category, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time by searching for some good Steven Universe games because all of the best ones are here, waiting to be played by you!

What is Steven Universe?

Well, Steven Universe games are something that you should not miss out if you want to have a great playtime and an amazing day as well, because if you play these games, you will see that it will brighten your whole day, as they are so fun to play and I am sure that you have some good friends who will enjoy these Steven Universe games with you and this way you can spend some great time together!

In case you don’t know a lot about these games and the Steven Universe, then let me introduce it to you a little bit, so that you will be able to enjoy the games even more and understand the goal of the games better. If you ever watched Cartoon network, which you surely did, then you may know this American animated television series, Steven Universe which was created by Rebecca Sugar and it was especially created for Cartoon Network. This animated series, Steven Universe, is about a young boy who lives with the Crystal Gems, who are some magical, mineral base aliens named Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl, in the fictional town called Beach City. Steven, who is half Gem, has adventures with his friends and helps Gems protect the world from their own kind. These Crystal Gems live in an ancient beachside temple and protect humanity from monsters and other dangerous creatures.

This amazing animated television series called Steven Universe was first shown in 2013, which was not so long ago and the series has five seasons in total which ran until 2019. A movie was also release called Steven Universe in 2019 which you may also have seen. The themes of the series include love, family and the importance of healthy relationships. As Steven tries to understand his powers, he spends his days with the Gems on their missions, as well as with his father Greg, his best friend Connie, his magical pet lion and the other residents of Beach City.

Characters in Steven Universe

One of the main characters of this show is Steven of course. He is the youngest and only male member of the Crystal Gems. His character was inspired by the creator’s, Rebecca Sugar’s younger brother, Steven Sugar. Steven is the son of Greg Universe, a human musician and Rose Quartz, the former leader of the Crystal Gems. Steven is caring, protective, brave, gentle, forgiving and eager to help the people he loves with their problems.

Another main character from this show is Garnet, the disciplined current leader of the Crystal Gems, who is quiet, stoic, pragmatic and mysterious. But she becomes more emotionally open especially expressing her love for Steven. She is also very self-confident as she never asks questions. Garnet has three eyes over which she wears a visor. Garnet is a fusion of two smaller Gams called Ruby and Sapphire. They have contrasting personalities and abilities. Sapphire is an emotionally reserved Gem who held a high rank on Homeworld with ice related powers and the ability to see into the future while Ruby is impulsive and hotheaded, has fire related abilities and was a common foot soldier on Homeworld.

Amethyst is the shortest and youngest of the Crystal Gems. She has a great sense of humor, she loves having fun, and a little bit childish. Her amethyst gemstone is located on her chest from which she can summon a whip and she also makes use of shapeshifting capabilities. She was the last of the gems created on Earth. She is also very rebellious and hedonistic. Then there is Pearl who is a short-tempered, precise strategist and technician. Her gemstone is a white pearl in her forehead from which she can summon a spear and create holographic images. There are a lot more characters that you can meet in the games as well, but now let’s see what games will you be able to play in this Steven Universe category.

Gaming with Steven Universe

There are tons of games that you can play in this category, and their number will only increase as there will be created more and more Steven Universe games that you will be able to find in this Steven Universe games category, all for free and online of course.

You will be able to try out a lot of puzzle games, more specifically jigsaw puzzle games where you have to put together the pieces of some amazing pictures of Steven or the other characters. Moreover, there are also memory games in this Steven Universe games category that you will surely enjoy! You can also play some amazing coloring and drawing games where you will have to color some black and white images of the Steven Universe characters.

There are also a lot of Steven Universe adventure games, where you will have most of the fun, as they are so exciting! So, as you can see there are a lot of games from where you can choose your favorite one. I wish you all a great playtime with these Steven Universe games and also stay tuned for some new Steven Universe games!

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