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Did you ever dream of getting involved in this series? Playing Stranger Things games online gives you this chance! We invite you to check out the games from the Strangers Things category because you get to play with Will, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Eleven and other characters who are waiting for you in these games which can be even with supernatural things , like all the stuff happening in Hawkins from the moment Eleven opens a gate to an alternate dimension.

What are Stranger Things Games?

Which are the best stories?! Find out in the Stranger Things games category that we have just posted! New characters are waiting for you guys to interact and help them with spooky adventures. This new Stranger Things series which appeared exclusively on Netflix in 2016 is a science fiction horror story in which basically you'll see a bunch of teenage kids that found an SF world on the other side of the "ground", and they easily called it the Upside Down. The characters are going to take it upon themselves to try and save the world because this "Upside Down" place is crawling with monsters and terrifying creatures that eat human beings.

We are sure that this short scenario sounds very interesting to you guys. We assure you guys that the Stranger Things games online are going to be as interesting as the plot is telling you it could be. The series has already four seasons appeared until 2022, and Stranger Things 3: The game can be found even here on our website if you are looking through the series and the category games that we have already been posting. There's going to be a new season, but it's release date was not yet revealed, but we know for sure that it's going to be the final season of the Stranger Things games original show from Netflix.

Stranger Things: 1984 is the year when the entire series started, and the action will take place in a small Indiana town called Hawkins, where all of a sudden there's going to be a series of mysteries and supernatural events that could not be explained scientifically, and these events all occurred around a group of kids, which ultimately will create the main characters of the story: Mike Wheeler, Eleven/Jane Hopper, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, Nancy Wheeler or Jonathan Byers are characters which are in the spotlight in one way or another during the entire show, but you'll see that adults as well are present and important to the show, like Joyce Byers or Jim Hopper.

Now that you know a little bit about the Stranger Things games online and the series overall, are you ready to get into details and see which are the main plots of each season, and what are the adventures that the characters face? You will see that you will learn a lot of things about the Stranger Things cast which will include of course Millie Bobby Brown, which is one of the most popular young actresses. Winona Ryder is one of the most popular actors in the Stranger Things cast, but you will see that each and every one of the young actors that started in season 1 and are still present in season 4 and in the upcoming season 5 are also going to be very popular! At the end, you will see that inside the Stranger Things games online category, there will be even a big Stranger Things quiz that you can solve and see how many things you have learned about the plot, the series, the episodes, the characters and all the free online games which you can try for free even on your mobile phones and tablets.

Inside the Upside Down

We already said which is the premise of the show, but being a long series, you will soon enough learn that each and every one of the Stranger Things games online are going to be based on the adventures and the actions that will take place in Stranger Things season 1, Stranger Things season 2, Stranger Things season 3, Stranger Things season 4 or the Stranger Things 3: the game, stranger things 3: the game steam and even the stranger things quiz which you can take.

Inside the first season, like in any other show, you will learn which are the main characters and which are their names, their traits and their personalities. You will learn that the series is going to take place in Indiana, city of Hawkins during the 1980s. There's going to be a scientific laboratory near the city, where the US Department of Energy are going to have different secret experiments going on, and which a few kids from the city found out. These experiments were so dangerous that they even created a portal to an alternate dimension, called the "Upside Down". The Upside Down will be the city of Hawkins, but in a more morbid way, everything is going to be dark, ashy and with some kind of fog, there are no people, and it's always night. Will Byers is the main character of season 1, because he is abducted at the beginning of the season by one of these creatures. Eleven comes into the scene, and she is one of the human experiments from the laboratory, and she has the ability to control things with her mind, making her one of the most powerful human beings in the world, ultimately they call her a superhero. El or Eleven is the only one that can locate Will, so she is adopted and hidden by Jim Hopper, and they help Joyce Byers find her son.

Season 2 starts as intense as the first one, and after Will was rescued by El and all of his friends, he remains with a part of the creature inside him! Will has now the ability to see parts of the future and gives his friends little premonitions in which Hawkins is destroyed. The kids will start looking for the reasons why Will is still connected to the creature from the Upside Down, and see how they can stop the destruction of their city. The only two adults from the city that know about this are still Jim Hopper and Joyce because they think that it can be fixed, and so stop mass confusion and panic.

The third and fourth season is all going to rely on the relationship of Mike and Eleven, who are falling in love even from the first season, but they were both very young, and now they are in love and in a full romantic relationship. Hopper and Joyce also are trying to resume an old love spark that went on between the two, but Hopper disappeared into a gulag prison, and Joyce tries to find him, without worrying the kids of his disappearance, even though because of it, Joyce, Will, Jonathan, and Eleven are forced to move out of Hawkins.

The final season is yet to come, but we are sure that all the Stranger Things games for kids that you can find already are going to be enough to make you wait even more eagerly for it. New Stranger Things games for teenage boys and girls are going to be ready for you to try for free, and you will have a great surprise knowing that they can be even tried on your mobile phones and tablets, not only on your computers.

Eleven controller

Are you curious to find out the Stranger Things game outfits that each and every one of the characters wears? It's easy, you will see that the free online Stranger Things games for kids are going to be very accurate, and you will see that Will, Eleven, Joyce, Hopper, Mike or Dustin are going to be ready with the same outfits like in the episodes that you love. Do not forget that the action of this Netflix series is taking place in the 80's so the fashion is very different from the clothes, outfits, makeup and hairstyles that you girls are used to see these days.

Girls and boys can both have a lot of fun through the Stranger Things games online category, and you will see that there will be plenty of ability games, because the teenage characters are going to all be geeks, and you will see that one of their favorite game that they are constantly playing during the series is Dungeons and Dragons! The DND game is very popular even since the 1980s so you can still play it, but in 2022 you can play Dungeons and Dragons online for free with your friends that can be all around the globe.

You will see that there's going to be a full on Stranger Things Looks game for girls which you can try for free, and it's going to be awesome, because dear kids you can see that Disney princesses are going to want to ride the trend, and see how they could've looked if they were one of the Stranger Things cast. This new fashion challenge is going to have different levels, and you will see that the girls that are going to play it will have to find a brand new type of hairstyle, a new set of makeup and even new outfits that fit the era the movie is taking place in.

Adventures, action games, puzzles, riddles and the famous Stranger Things quiz game is going to be waiting for you right here on our website, and we are sure that you will have a great time playing with each and every one of your favorite characters, and see how many other games for children will be ready for you to try!

Is there a superhero in the series?

Yes, El or Eleven is the main superhero!

Where can we watch Stranger Things?

This is an exclusive Netflix series.

How many series does the series have?

4 series are already released, and there's a 5th coming.

Are Mike and Eleven in love?

Yes, the two characters are in love.

Who is the villain of the story?

Vecna. Who is controlling the Upside Down.

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