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What are Sunny Day Games online?

Sunny from the Sunny Day games is the center of attention with her chic hair salon. She and her friends, Doodle, Blair , Rox, Timmy and Cindy are ready to offer you the cutest girls games. The Sunny Day games are perfect for girls and boys if you love style and adventure together with fun friends.

We are experts when it comes to great games and we know that one of the most important things when it comes to games are the characters you get to play with and here on our site is one of the places where, believe it or not, you get to make new friends all the time, the new characters are all here in new categories and we are really pleased to be able to offer you the chance of a lifetime to have as mnay friends as you want and of course that they are all bringing the best games you could ever dream about with them. And that is the case with this new category too in which, as you can see, you are in a magical land, but that is no surprise when it comes to a category here on our site because you are on the land of games and fantasies, so come and meet the seaside town of Friendly Falls which is the home for a lot of fun characters and the main one is Sunny, she is in the star of the category which is called, as you can see Sunny Day because she is the one presenting you her everyday life, Sunny with all of her friends. So the story is about Sunny who owns a hairdresser in Friendly Falls so you are going to get the chance to play a lot of hairstyle games and learn from the best, but Sunny is not working by herself, but with the help of her tlking dog Doodle, her friend and also hair colourist Rox and the receptionist Blair and without them the Sunny Day hair salon would not be so successful. The games with them are goign to be girly but so full of adventures and fun that we are sure that the Sunny Day games will be perfect for all of you, dear kids, boys or girls. But these 4 characters are not the only ones you get to play with here in the Sunny Day games because you can meet Sunny’s best customers who are always at her hair salon and making the Sunny Day games even cuter and more fun: Timmy who is in charfe of the events and shows in the town of Friendly Falls so he is creative and up for fun, and CIndy who is a baker and she constantly has a bad hair day so Sunny needs to take care of her and she needs your help in the hair styling games. And now we are going to tell you more about the characters of Sunny Day so you would know who you are playing with in the girls games and the adventure games and therefore have more fun. Suny is, of course, the 10 year old professional hairstylist who has her own hair salon and that is something amazing, she is only 10 but here we are in a games fantasy world, the Friendly Falls town where this kind of things are just normal. Doodle is the funny talking dog and he has a stylish hair too, of course. Rox is the 9 yeard old hair colourist, her hair is multicolored and that is no surprise, she is very creative and spontaneous. Blair is also 9 years old, she is the receptionist in the Sunny Day cartoons and of course in the Sunny Day games too, she is very organised for her age and she never missed to write down an appointment. Timmy is the 11 year old who is always organising a fun event so he needs his hairstyle to be the best all the time and Cindy is always having bad luck but her friends from Sunny Day will cheer her up even though she is messy. So these are the characters you are going to have the chance to play with, the Sunny Day games will be girly, super cute and full of fun, the Sunny Day characters are preparing you the cutest games with hairstyling and everything that is related because they are having fun together as friends and now you can do that too, in the games we are going to offer you. Good luck!

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