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The action of the animation takes place in Storybrook Village and has as main character a young boy named Whyatt. Whyaat lives in a place where he has fairy tale friends.

We are about to offer you another new and amazing online category for today. As the days go by we are offering you more and more new and fun online games, new games in which you get to know new characters or spend time with those you already know. As the days go by we are searching for more and more material for our website, new categories and even more new and amazing games which you can find at any hour of the day and night , here on We have a great administrative team which is taking all it’s free time to offer you all those amazing games you find on our website. Because we want you to have an amazing experience, we also offer in each description of each category, all the details needed about the animation, characters or types of games to whom those categories are dedicated. has decided that today the next category should be dedicated to the characters from the animation Super Why. Here we will make sure you find all the details about the main characters, in case you are looking to find more about them before or after starting to play the offered games. The action of the animation takes place in Storybrook Village and has as main character a young boy named Whyatt. Whyaat lives in a place where he has fairy tale friends. In the village he is a superhero and uses his handheld which is also known as his Super Duper Computer to answer the calls of those who are in big problems and are in need of his immediate help. Whyaat is not the only superhero, he has a whole group that helps him in his mission, a group formed of four kids : Whyatt, Pig, Red Riding Hood and Princess Pea. Together they are the Super Readers and they tend to deal with their mission in a very fun educational way , by following the storyline to help them get to the solution of the problem they deal with. Every time they encounter certain obstacles as they try to solve some of the problems and have to work together in order to move further and get pass those problems. The leader of the group is Whyatt, and he lives with his mother who is a writer and with his father, who illustrates his mother’s stories. His superhero name is Super Why and he loves all their fun educational adventures while trying to solve all those problems he and his team faces in order to help those from the Storybrook village. Red Riding Hood is from the fairytale with the same name and she is one of the members of the team, she is known as Wonder Red when she is in her superhero form. There is also Pig, from the Littlest Pig story , also one of the members of the team known as Alpha Pig in his superhero form. Princess Pea is known as Princess Presto and she is from the Princess and the Pea story. Together the team form a true friendship and that is the main reason they manage to solve every case they have, every time. Come and play the fun games with Super Why and have a lot of fun!!!

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