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What are Teen Beach Games?

This new category that we have for you is dedicated to the characters from the movie Teen Beach a category in which you will have a lot of fun with us.In this new category we will make sure to bring you all the new games with your favourite characters, games in which you will have a lot of fun.

A new online Disney Channel movie-based category is appearing on our website! We are talking about the Teen Beach games series, in which you will have to be sure that you can defeat the challenges, meet the new Disney characters and see how many points you will gain in each and every one of the new Teen Beach games that we are going to present for you guys.

This is a new series that appeared based on the Teen Beach story from Disney. It first appeared in 2013 on Disney Channel, where it fast became very popular. This Disney story is one of the first that was filmed in Puerto Rico, and is about a beach for teenagers, which is one of the first series with this story. The series was made from two movies, Teen Beach and Teen Beach 2 which appeared in 2015.

The Teen Beach games are going to be based on the two Disney movies, and you will see early in the category that the series will have real people as characters, so it's easier for you guys to know them, understand their story, and see which one of them might be your favorite. Inside the Teen Beach games, we are also going to present for you a series of cartoon games, in which the characters are animated not real people, which will bring to the category a splash of color and excitement.

Each and every one of the Teen Beach games that you can start playing here on our website, you dear kids can play for free, so you have to make sure that you can try them all using your phones, tablets, computers, or laptops. The games from this new Disney category are free to play, and you will have to be sure that you can win all the games, and gain the most points possible.

Where's the Teen Beach

We already said that the entire story was filmed in Puerto Rico because the entire story is going to rely on the actions of surfers! Brady and McKenzie are two of the main characters, and they are surfing near their grandfather's beach hut, from which people on the beach can rent their surfboards and from which people can buy different juices, water, soda and other tropical drinks. McKenzie is going to be also known as Mack, and she is going to catch Brady and her grandfather watching a movie, in which bikers and surfers are battling each other for a beachside restaurant.

Mack is about to leave Puerto Rico and go back home, but before that, she wants to ride a 40-foot wave, and she even picked up a special surfboard to do it on! Brady is scared, and finds a jetski and goes into the ocean to try and save Mack if necessary, but they cannot tackle the waves at sea, and both get swapped by the water and land on a different beach. The two characters end up on a movie set when Brady decides to seize the opportunity and cast a role in the movie. Mack doesn't really want to remain on the island, and she wants to go home without them making the movie, but Brady informs her that they need a big storm or a big wave to get back home on their beach, and there's going to be one right when they finish filming.

It's time for new characters to appear in the timeline of the movie and for the Teen Beach games as well! You will see that Lela, one of the girls in the movie is appearing, she is the lead singer in the movie, and there's another character that is going to be recurrent, and his name is Tanner. He will fall in love with Mack during a little accident on stage while rehearsing for the movie. Mack trips and bumps into Tanner and Lela will fall off the sage, while Brady is going to catch her so that she doesn't fall off and get hurt. This is going to change the plot of the movie they are filming, which will make our Teen Beach games even more interesting because there will be new Teen Beach games characters, Teen Beach love games, and other little challenges for you to play.

Play on the beach

Of course, each and every one of the Teen Beach games that we are going to post here on our website will have a beach vibe, and theme and will be on an actual beach! Filming in Puerto Rico was amazing for the cast in this new Disney movie, and they had a blast. You will see their state of mind and high spirits through the Teen Beach games which will be mostly for girls, being a musical movie. You will see how much fun you can have playing these new online Teen Beach games for kids on your phones and tablets.

The games will be free to play online, so you can try them wherever you are. Which type of game would you like to try first?! If you don't know, we'll present for you girls some of the challenges that are going to wait for you inside the Teen Beach games category: Teen Beach Quiz, Teen Beach Photo Shoot, Teen Beach Movie Maker and a Teen Beach dancing game that you can try out!

All you have to do is to find the Teen Beach series, click on the play button on one of the games you want to try, and your challenge will start! Fun adventures are going to be in front of you, and you will see how many new friends from Disney you can make playing our Teen Beach games. For most of the games, you will just need to use the MOUSE as the main controls, like in the quiz games, dress-up games, and the dancing games in order to trigger the move that you would like to make at a specific time.

It's going to be a lot of fun playing these Disney challenges, and you dear kids will have to be sure that you can defeat the stages through the dancing games and the music or singing games, and that the only way that you will manage to defeat the challenges and win the games with a high score. Have fun!

Where can we watch Teen Beach?

Teen Beach was on Disney Channel.

How many Teen Beach movies are there?

There are 2 movies made.

Is there a third Teen Beach movie coming?

It wasn't announced yet.

Who is the main character?

Brady and McKenzie or Mack are the main characters.

What's the movie about?

Two teenage surgers that are trying to have fun while singing, surfing and dancing.

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