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The category brings you games with the characters from the loved nickelodeon serie, The Breadwinners.

We are back with a new and amazing category of games to offer especially for you, our dearest friends. Today is a special day, a day in which we want you to be with us, to join us and play new games in the categories that we have offered. The number of categories have increases a lot in the last time as well as the number of games we offered, and all this is because we love you and we want you to have the best games ever. Our website is created especially for you, and we work a lot of make it the best, so that you can enjoy spending as much time you want playing new and fun games every day and never get bored. We hope that you enjoy spending the time, here on our website because we have more and more surprises for you. This time the new category of games that we have to offer is a fun one in which we are more than sure that you will have a lot of fun playing the games it has for you. The category brings you games with the characters from the loved nickelodeon serie, The Breadwinners. We have decided that now is the perfect time to offer you a new category and we sure hope that you will love it. As you know the main characters of this serie are two anthropomorphic, flightless ducks and best friends best friends SwaySway and Buhdeuce . In the serie, in each episode of it, they fly around the water-based planet Pondgea in a rocket-powered van delivering bread to their customers, each time experiencing a little adventure and have fun. SwaySway wears a trademark blue cap, with a slice of bread on it. He has blonde hair and green feathers and he is the one controlling the rocket van along with his friend. Your friend has been shown to have numerous extraordinary abilities and attributes over the course of the series all of the surprising us and make us like him even more. Buhdeuce wears a red cap, has green feathers, blonde hair, and an orange beak, he is kind of the silly one, the one that makes a lot of mistakes and offen gets into trouble even if he does not want to. The two characters really love to spend the time with you, so they have a few games in which you can play and control them, have fun and know each other better. We want you to have all the games and try all of them, that is why we invite you to take a close look at all the games that this category will offer to you and try each one of them. We are happy and honored that you are here with us, exploring the universe of your favorite characters and friend, so have a lot of fun!

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