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We are really happy to introduce you to the Incredibles, a family of superheroes who are really happy to be here on our site because they are going through all kind of adventures, as superheroes, and they are happy to share all that adventures here on our site with you kids. You get to play with Mr Incredible, or Bob Parr, you get to play with Elastigirl, Elen Parr and their kids, Violet, Dash and baby Jack Jack. These are the members of the Incredibles family, but there are other superheroes waiting for you, like Frozone, and even a lot of villains, because what is a superhero game, story or category without the right villains. Good luck!

We have the best games you could dream to play here on our site,, and it is very important for us to give you the chance to play your favorite games all the time so that is why we, the administrative team of the site, are doing our best to make sure you are having fun. So come and try out the games and the categories we are preparing for you and that is why today we have decided to offer you a brand new category with characters we are sure you already know. It is about old friends of yours with new adventures and they are really happy to be here on our site and to play with you, so say hello to the Incredibles.
We are sure you dear kids already know the Incredibles family and we have to say that we are really happy to give you the chance to play the most amazing games ever with The Incredibles
 and you also have to know that they are really happy to be here and to play with you and that is why we are going to have so many fun and interesting games with them here on our site. We are sure many of you know the story of the  The Incredibles too well , but we , the administrative team of the site, want to make sure you dear kids always have fun here and you know all the characters and that is why in the following we are going to tell you more about this The Incredibles family and about their story.
So you have the chance to see two animations with the The Incredibles family and in the first of them you are going to get to know them . You get to know Mr Incredible, or Bob Parr, and his wife Elen Parr, or Elastigirl. In the beginning they are very good and heroic superheroes, saving the city, but after an unfortunate series of events, they did a lot of mistakes, Mr Incredible especially and a lot of other superheroes, and that is when they were forced to retire.
Than, Mr Incredible and Elastigirl get married and this is where their family life begins , and you can follow their lives while they try to live normal ones in the suburbs with their kids, Violet , Dash and little baby Jack Jack.
Many years after the retirement of the superheroes, Mr Incredible has the chance to reenter this world and this is where all their problems appear. So from now on he, Mr Incredible, his wife Elastigirl, his daughter Violet Parr who has the power of magnetic fields, Dash who is really fast and the little baby Jack Jack Parr who can transform himself into a lot of different forms, like fire baby and so on, become superheroes again and they fight together against the evil villains.
So , as you can see, the The Incredibles, Frozone their friend, and even the villains like Bomb Voyage are all waiting for you in the coolest games here on our site.
Good luck!

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