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The Owl House games from Disney Channel are right here on our website, and you can start by plaing The Owl House Witches Apprentice game for kids, in which Luz, Eda and King have prepared for you a full adventure.

Life without magic would be very boring and plain, so today dear kids you can see that we have started to prepare for you a brand new games category called the Owl House, which is a new 2020 Disney Channel story, in which you can see that a little girl has started going to a very special magic school with a real witch. The girl's name is Luz, and she will be present in each and every one of the Owl House episodes on Disney Channel.

The Owl House is made in America, and it's a new 2020 animated fantasy-comedy series which appeared on Disney Channel on January 10, 2020, the day in which you can step in the world of magic with Luz's help, because she didn't planned this new adventure in her life, but she is trying to make the best of it now that she arrived at the Owl House, but more of the main story is yet to be disclosured, so stay with us and read the entire description of the Owl House games category here on our website.

Inside the Owl House magic

We said already that this new games category will be filled with magic, and you can see that this is going to be a new story in which the main characters stumbles without any logic into a magic world, and she is going to try to escape as fast as possible, but get's even more stuck in the magic land, and she needs a lot of help from all of her fans to stay safe in the magic world, make friends and even finish the adventures that you can play for free.

All The Owl House games from Disney will be ready to be played on your phones, computers, laptops or tablets if you have a wifi connection, because dear kids these new 2020 The Owl House games will be HTML5 games that you can play for free anywhere you are.

Inside the first episode of The Owl House story you will see that the main character is going to be Luz,a cute little girl that was on her way to Reality Check Camp, she stumbles upon a portal to a magic land, where she is going to have a great time even though she is far from home, and she is going to be in the middle of the Boiling Isles a magic town where there will be all kinds of magic creatures, zombies, witches, monsters or even trolls that are the humans of this new magic world created by Disney.

The Boiling Isles is a city made from the remains of a dead Titan, and for the ones who do not know what a Titan is, we are sure that you have seen at least once a big stone statue of a warrior that most of the times are bigger even as mountains. The entire magic city where Luz arrived is inside one of these stone statues, and you will see how much fun she will have to explore the entire magic city of Boiling Isles, and which are the characters that she will friend with, and which are the ones that she is going to hide from as much as possible.

Humans are not welcomed in Boiling Isles, so Luz will have to stay clear as much as possible of all the other people in the city, but you can see that she was able to make friends with one of the outcasts of the city, the Owl House witch named Eda.

Adventures in and outside The Owl House

The owner of the The Owl House is Eda, one of the witches from Boiling Isles, and she lives in the magic house with a little demon warrior known as King. Eda is a different kind of witch, because she is one of the oldest witches and know as one of the most powerfull, even though she is considered an outcast from the witch society due to her witch activity and all of her human interactions.

Eda is suspected to sell forbidden objects from the human world through Boiling Isles, and she did not sign in any of the witch covens, which is a witch structure that helps the people of the magic world keep track of the witch types and number. Eda lives in The Owl House, and she is going to take in Luz, once they run in with each other on the streets of the city, and it's not going to be long since Luz tells Eda that it was her longest dream to become a witch.

Eda starts to teach Luz about all kinds of witchcrafts, spells, magic potions and and enchantments that any junior witch knows to do, but because Luz is a human and does not have any magic in her, it's very difficult for her to learn and even finish all the missions that Eda puts Luz through, but now, you dear kids will be able to be by Luz' side, and can help her in each adventure, learn with her the words of the spells, make sure that you gather all the magic ingredients for each magic potion that Luz will have to create in The Owl House.

Because she is not a magic creature, Luz is always getting into trouble in Boiling Isles, but Eda has placed King as her protector, and you will see that he will always be by Luz' side and try to keep her safe and not reveal her secret that she is actually a human being, because the magic creatures would not react well if they find out that Luz is a human girl, and might try to harm her, so the demon warrior will have his plate full, becaus let's not forget that Luz is a teenage girl that wants to learn a lot of magic and a explore as much as possible inside The Owl House and around it.

Luz and Eda with their King

Once Luz started her training and studies to become a real witch, she is going to get into a lot of trouble, and a lot of funny adventures with magic all over the place, and you will see how much fun you will have playing all the games on your phones, tablets or computers.

Luz will have a lot of choorse in The Owl House, because Eda wants to have discipline in her house, and you will see that The Owl House will be very big, and even though Luz has liberty to go through the entire house, you will soon learn that Eda told her that many doors and dangerous so she should watch out which door she will open when she explores The Owl House.

The Owl House games will be very interesting, and even though the main character is going to be a girl, the games are full of adventures for boys, girly challenges, and you will see that we are going to have all kinds of interesting The Owl House games like puzzles, memory challenges, coloring books with pictures from inside The Owl House, dress up games with Luz and Eda, fighting games with King the demon warrior or even makeover challenges in which you will have to be creative and make Luz look like a real witch. Be sure that you look for The Owl House Disney games on google and see how diverse the games can be.

As you seen untill now, the main character of the The Owl House story is Luz, and her full name is Luz Noceda. She is a 14 year old girl, that wanted to spend her summer holiday at the Reality Check Camp, but she ended up in a Disney magic world through a portal, where she gets the chance to fulfill her long time dream to be a real witch.

Eda is the most powerful witch in Boiling Isles, and she started to teach Luz all kinds of magic lessons. Eda is an outcast in the comunity, and you will see that she is a wanted criminal for selling human items which are strictly forbidden in the magic relm. Eda is also known as the Owl Lady, because she got cursed when she was little, and now she is turning into an owl monster, but she has a magic potion that she can drink to keep the curse under control, and keep a human form as long as she drinks the potion every day.

What is The Owl House?

The Owl House is a magic place where a powerfull witch lives.

Where can we watch The Owl House series?

The Owl House can be watched on Disney Channel.

Who is the main character in The Owl House show?

The Owl House shows Luz, a 14 year girl as the main character.

What is Eda's nickname?

Eda is know as the Owl Lady.

Which is Luz' long time dream?

Luz always dreamed to become a witch.

Is Luz welcomed in Boiling Isles?

No, because humans are considered bad in the magic world.

How old is Luz?

Luz is 14 years old.

How did Luz get to The Owl House?

Luz got to The Owl House through a magic portal that she found by mistake.