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Today we have for you a new and fun category that is dedicated to the characters from the serie Veggie Tales

What are Veggie Tales Games?

It is time for the next online category of games for today. The administrative team of is trying really hard to offer you as many new and amazing online games as possible and we are sure that you will have a lot of fun while playing them. As always we are looking to offer you our newest and most loved categories of games and we hope that we succed. Today we have for you a new and fun category that is dedicated to the characters from the serie Veggie Tales. We have managed to offer you more and more games and we are very proud of the administrative team who offers you their time and makes possible each new games at every hour of the day and night. Today dear friends we will place in this category all the existing games with the characters from the serie Veggie Tales but before of that we would like to offer you a few important facts about the serie and their characters. This serie is for prescholers, featuring different vegetables that can walk and talk, just like humans. The stories from the episodes are special, remaking of bible scenes and sometimes has a few thing included, funny things that refers to pop culture. Actually there are more versions of Veggie Tales than two and we cannot talk about them all , but we would like to talk a little about their characters. One of the characters from the serie is Larry the Cucumber, a cucumber with only one teeth, her is the only one that appear in each episode of the serie. Another one of the characters is Bob the Tomato he does not appear in each episode of the serie, but is a funny veggie tomate and we love him. There is also Archibald Asparagus, he loves to sing and is wed and he loves to call his wife, Lovely. Mr Lunt is one of a kind, he is a decorative Italian gourd and actualy grew up in New Jersey. He is the assistant of Mr Nezzer and what is special at him is that he has invisible eyes. Another character is Larry Boy, a famour superhero who’s goal is to keep the town of Bumblyburg safe. He is a plunger and saves the lifes of all Veggies who are in danger. There are a lot of Veggie characters but we would love you to discover all of them by playing the games that our administrative team has to offer especially for you. Come and join us in this new and fun category that we have the pleasure to offer to you next and have a lot of fun with us and your favorite characters. Do not forget to like and share us on Facebook and Google Plus and be among the first to get notifications with each games we have for you!!!

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