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Enjoy countless hours of fun & cuteness with Vi and Va games online right here on! Play now! This new category that we have decided to offer to you next is with the characters,with the dolls from the collection Vi and Va.

What are Vi and Va Games?

Let’s continue with the new categories from today and bring you another one, a new and beautiful category in which you will have games of all types with your favourite characters. As you know, we wish to offer you as manny games and categories as we can in order to mentain you happy and enterntained. All we do is for you, for you to have an ocupation, to forget about the word boring and have fun with your favourite characters. We are always searching for new categories of games to offer to you and we hope that you enjoy playing all of our new games, because more of them are coming, with new characters, new friends. This new category that we have decided to offer to you next is with the characters,with the dolls from the collection Vi and Va. We found out that these dolls are preety amazing and that is why we want to offer you games with them and tell you a little about each one. The main characters of the dolls collection are Viviana and Valentina, for short Vi and Va, they are two sisters and best friends who love each other very much and are always after some new adventures and fun with their cousins. Their cousins are Felicia and Roxxi, the other dolls from the collection, other beautiful dolls that are waiting to meet you and to know each other. Every day is an adventure and a reason to celebrate the bond of family and friendship and you are invited to play all the games that games-kids.comhas to offer with the characters from the doll collection. Vi is spontaneous and easy going she loves her sister very much. She is also passionate about sharing her love of music and always ready to break out her guitar at family gatherings to please everyone with her talent. Va is so neat and organized she loved to have everything figured out and scheduled. She loves learning to cook from her mother and grandmothers. She has already perfected some seriously awesome savory family recipes and wants to go further with this hobby and open a restaurant from where everyone can enjoy her cooking. One of her cousins is Felicia who sometimes finds it hard to focus, but after a while, out of nowhere she has a creative explosion and come up with a genius idea for her next artistic masterpiece with which she impresses. The other cousin, Roxxi, loves to dance, so put on some music and she will suddenly become elegant and graceful with all kinds of dance moves, from ballet to hip-hop to salsa and you will love her. WE are happy to finally offer this new category of games to you and we invite you to try each one of them and enjoy spending the time with us, here on!

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