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Victor and Valentino games are the best source of magic that every kid needs in their life, and you can start playing the Monsters in the Closet, Taco Terror or the Mission to Monte Macabre games in which you will be in a magic world fighting against monsters, zombies and mummies.

What are Victor and Valentino Games?

It's time to have new adventures right here on our website, where dear children we are bringing online fun through games of your favorite stories. You can see that today, we have prepared for you a very special games category from Cartoon Network, in which two characters are waiting for you to go through scary adventures together, and even though they are your age, you will see that they really need your help to finish the adventures and manage to survive for new episodes. Enough chitchat, and we are welcoming you today inside the Victor and Valentino games category here on our website!

Meet Victor and Valentino

Our ways do not change, and we know that Cartoon Network is one of the perfect spots to continue watching amazing stories and series with new characters that are in one way or another just like us, and starting from today on, Victor and Valentino will have their very own category in which you can just have to click once, and open all of the adventures that you will be able to go with the two Cartoon Network boys.

The history of Victor and Valentino is pretty short on Cartoon Network, because even though they have managed to have a lot of friends and followers already, they just have their first Victor and Valentino TV series episode in 15 July 2019, and until this year, in 2020 they managed to finish an entire season of missions, funny moments and tense scary stories in which we are sure that you will stayed with your mouth open and even shivering a little.

You will shortly find out that the Victor and Valentino story started out in school, so it's very important kids that you get an education, and who knows you guys might even come up with a new Cartoon Network series ideea after playing all of our VIctor and Valentino games right here on our website. The Victor and Valentino story was just a school homework and become a very popular Cartoon Network story, because all the kids in the world admire the two brothers now for their courage and love their adventures.

Cartoon Network is a huge platform for funny stories for kids, and because Victor and Valentino are so loved by all the boys in the world, the first season was a real success, and you will not have to wait for long to meet with Victor and Valentino, because we took the lead and we have just started posting all the Victor and Valentino online games for boys that we were cooking, and Cartoon Network is about to launch the Victor and Valentino season 2 very soon, so stay tunned, because we are going to announce it.

Start the Victor and Valentino non stop adventure

Have you seen how Victor and Valentino look? They are little boys that do not look like each other, do not have the same personality, don't like the same things and in one word, DIFFERENT. It's very funny how two half brothers that are total opposite get to do so much things together and have a great time, which made them have a very special bond that you might see very fast if you start looking at the series or you start playing the Victor and Valentino games here on our website.

All the adventures of the brothers started one day, when they see their grandma doing different things that they couldn't explain, and fast figured out that it's magic. Victor and Valentino live in the Monte Macabre town, which is a very small and quiet town, but where there are a lot of supernatural and unusual things happening that only magic could explain, and Victor and Valentino get help from their grandmother to get through all the adventures and she is going to teach them lots of things about magic.

As you already seen, the Victor and Valentino story has a lot of hispanic traditions, folklor and even myths starting from the Monte Macabre town, which in english means Gruesome Mountain, pretty creepy for a town name, but it's the place where Victor and Valentino live, and they are surrounded of supernatural events and even objects that you will be able to find out and use during the games that we are going to start posting for you guys to play with Victor and Valentino.

Both Cartoon Network characters are very curious about the supernatural things that are all over the city, but they always get into trouble while investigating them, but you can see that their grandma cannot always help them, so there you boys and girls are going to be very important, because you will see that there are many magic puzzle games, magic adventure games, magic action games, monster games, Victor and Valentino mexican dress up challenges and even matching games for kids in which you will solve misteries once you match all the magic objects.

All the Victor and Valentino mischiefs

Because the two characters are going to find portals and several teleporting doors, you will see that you will have to help Victor and Valentino react in front of monsters, zombies, skeletons, mummies and other magic creatures that do not exist in our world, but the two Cartoon Network brothers bump in with every day of the week, once they start a new adventure inside Monte Macabre.

As you already know, Victor and Valentino are the main character, but they have full on names and different personalities, so once you start getting to know them better, you dear kids can have a great time. You can see that in this new challenge, you will see that Victor "Vic" Calavera is the younger half brother of the mix, that get's very excited very fast, but he also loose interesting in things as fast as he gets excited, so you always have to make sure that you can keep Victor focused on your goals and on your adventure in order for the character to be 100% with his mind on your mission.

Victor loves to play video games, and he considers himself a very good gamer, and he might even play against you guys in several challenges like in puzzles to see which one of you will have the best score. The time in memory games will be another challenge for him to try and beat your score, racing games and finishing adventures or finding hidden objects faster than you are just a few of the games that Victor will try to defeat you in, even though from the two, he will be the clumsy one. Victor loves his half brother, so he will try to do everything in his power to protect him and help him in everything he can, but he lacks skills like spelling, cleaning and washing himself.

Valentino "Val" Calavera is the second main character of this new games category, and you can see that Valentino is the older brother, and because he is older, he is used to overthing everything the brothers do in their adventures, so he is less reckless. Because is older, Valentino loves school more, loves to read and even though he is a little overweight, Valentino does a lot of exercise in the Cartoon Network adventures, in which you will see that the brothers are always running from danger or into danger withouth noticing being too excited.

Chata is the supernatural grandmother that helps the boys to understand more and more things about magic, teleportation, magic worlds and supernatural thins in general. Victor and Valentino live with Chata in Monte Macabre during the summer vacation, so they have a lot of time to solve the adventures and all the challenges in supernatural worlds.

Charlene is a strange and grousome girls who started to be friends with both Victor and Valentino, even though she is not always present in their adventures, but she started to notice that they do a lot of supernatural adventures and she often gets scared and fear for the brothers safety.

Pineapple, Maria Teresa, Julio "Don" Jalapeno and Xochi Jalapeno are the other characters that you might encounter while playing the Victor and Valentino games, and we are sure that you will manage to make a lot of new friends and start earning points in each adventure.

Just play the games and have fun

Once you enter the Victor and Valentino games category, you can see that the two boys are bringing here on our website the most exciting and the most interesting challenges.

Cartoon Network has prepared for you guys special games like the Victor and Valentino Monsters in the Closet game, in which you will see that the brothers have found a special portal that teleported them from their closet inside the Monsters world. Inside this new game, you and the boys will have to stay focused, do not get scared and make sure that you can find all the monsters inside the closet and see how you can defeat them all before the rooms ran out.

The Victor and Valentino Taco Terror game is a very special arkanoid type of challenge, in which the Cartoon Network characters have to destroy skeletons with the use of tennis balls and you will see how many points you can gain in this new challenge by making sure that you will manage to have a great time and even buy upgrades for the balls to be higher in number and even more powerful.

Puzzle games, memory games, quiz challenges and even special adventure games for kids are going to be ready to appear here on our website, and all you have to do to find them is to type to keywords such as Victor, Valentino, Cartoon Network games, Victor and Valentino games, or 2020 boys games, and we are sure that you will find at least one challenge with your new favorite characters.

Who are Victor and Valentino?

Victor and Valentino are two half brothers in look for new adventures.

Where do they live?

Victor and Valentino stay in Monte Macabre for the summer.

From where did the brothers learn about supernatural?

The brothers learn all about magic and supernatural from Chata, their hispanic grandmother.

How do Victor and Valentino get to magic relms?

They often reach magic relms through portals or magic doors.

Which is the most popular Victor and Valentino game?

One of the most popular VIctor and Valentino game is the Monsters in the Closet.

Where do you can watch Victor and Valentino?

All the Victor and Valentino episodes are on Cartoon Network.

What are they doing in Monte Macabre?

Victor and Valentino stay with their grandmother for the long summer break.

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