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The series follows Wander, a nomadic and overly-optimistic intergalactic traveler and his steed Sylvia traveling from planet to planet helping people have fun and live free, all against Lord Hater and his army of Watchdogs' evil reign.

Have you ever tried Wander Over Yonder games? if you haven’t, then this is the right time to try them out! If you want to have some real fun then these games can provide you the best playtime whenever you are in the mood for some great adventure games. This category was made for all the people that love Wander Over Yonder games, so that you can find these games more easily, as all the Wander Over Yonder games are collected into this Wander Over Yonder games category and they are waiting for you to be played.

As you can see there are not so many games yet but trust me, they are the best ones from all the Wander Over Yonder games and of course, there will appear new games as well in this category, so always stay tuned for the newest games and check this category sometimes, so that you can be the first to try them out!

The origin of Wander Over Yonder Games

For those of you who doesn’t know, we will explain to you now, what are these Wander Over Yonder games, so that you can find out more things about it before starting to play the games. this way you will be able to understand more the goal of each game and you will be able to enjoy them more.

Wander Over Yonder is an American animated television series that appeared on Disney Channel and Disney XD, so you might have seen this series if you have ever watched Disney Channel or Disney XD, which I am sure that you did. This show called Wander Over Yonder was created by Craig McCracken and it had two seasons.

The series follows Wander, a nomadic, helpful, and overly-optimistic intergalactic traveller and his best friend and steed, Sylvia the Zbornak, as they travel from planet to planet helping people to have fun, play, and live free, despite the continuing encroachment of Lord Hater, one of the most powerful villains in the galaxy, and his army of Watchdogs.

The show's first season is episodic; there are very few strong ties between episodes, and they can be viewed independently of each other. In the second season, however, a more sequential story is introduced; as Lord Dominator begins to conquer the galaxy, the show's tone becomes more serious and the focus moves from stopping the rather incompetent Lord Hater to stopping the extremely competent Lord Dominator. As a result, the episodes are more closely linked and there are several developments in the overarching plot.

The main characters from Wander Over Yonder

The main character of this series is Wander, of course. He is an optimistic, good hearted, outgoing, energetic and sometimes annoying character. He aspires to explore different worlds and help people have fun and live free, in opposition to the evil reign of Lord Hater and his army of Watchdogs. Wander is a short, orange furred being of an indeterminate species. He is usually seen with a big floppy green hat with a black band above the brim and a yellow star on the band.

Another character is Sylvia who is Wander’s steed and best friend who explores and travels the universe with him. She enjoys fighting and her rough nature can cause her to come off as ill tempered, reckless and inconsiderate but she also has a softer side. Sylvia is a blue character with a long neck, a long tail, stubby arms and big, expressive eyes.

Lord Hater is a skeleton being with electrical powers. He is the rules of the Hater Empire. He is power hungry, evil and cruel dictator while at the same time being a childish, petty, temperamental and emotionally unstable egoist. He hates being told what to do by those he declares lower than himself, including his own second in command Peepers. Commander Peepers is a watchdog who is Lord Hater’s chief henchman and seems to be willing to do anything Lord Hater commands.

Gaming with Wander Over Yonder

As you can see, there are not so many games yet in this category, because they are very rare to found, but we have selected the best ones for you, that you will be able to try out in your playtime, whenever you are craving some great adventurous playtimes with Wander Over Yonder Games. These games are the perfect choice, mainly if you know about the series and you have watched it, because this way you can understand the games better as well. You can still watch it, as it is only two seasons and then start playing these games, or you can just simply play them without watching the series of course.

Even though there are not many games yet, you can still find all kinds of games in this Wander Over Yonder games category, for example there are winter themes games where you have to build a snowman with the Wander Over Yonder characters, or you can also find the popular rock paper scissors Wander Over Yonder game. Of course, most of the games are some amazing adventure games as the Wander Over Yonder series itself, is an adventure series with a lot of action, so you will also find these kind of games too. Dress up games can also be found in this category, which will be more favorable by the girls I think, but maybe some boys who love fashion as well. Of course, we can’t forget about those amazing Wander Over Yonder puzzle games where you can solve some great puzzles with pictures from Wander Over Yonder series. Now that you have found out some information about this amazing Wander Over Yonder games category, you can start to enjoy your playtime! Have fun and good luck for all the games!

Where can we watch Wander over Yonder?

The series was aired on Disney XD and Disney Channel.

Is Wonder real?

No, he is a hairy monster character.

Who is the main character of this show?

His name is Wonder, and he is a little orange monster.

Is Sylvia and Wonder dating?

No, they are best friends.

Does Sylvia ever get married?

Yes, she is going to marry Trevor.