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The series follows Wander, a nomadic and overly-optimistic intergalactic traveler and his steed Sylvia traveling from planet to planet helping people have fun and live free, all against Lord Hater and his army of Watchdogs' evil reign.

The most played games from this category are: Disney XD Hero Trip (played: 13564 times), Oddventure Land Disney (played: 7245 times), Disney Villains United (played: 5687 times), Disney Monster Car Race (played: 3409 times), Wander Over Yonder Helping Hands (played: 2293 times).

The administrative team of has retunrned with a new category for you, a category full of fun games with one of the most loved characters. We are trying to create a huge list of categorie in which we want to offer as many game as we can in order fo you to have fun with us as always. This new category is one of the many to come, categorie in which you can spend time playing with your favourite characters and playing your favourite type of games. Our goal is to see you happy and entarntained, playing the games that we have to offer. Since the first day, our site started offering ones of the most beautifull games with your favourite characters and that was just the beginning, more are about to appear especially for you. The new category that we have to offer is a category of games in which you will spend time with your favourite characters from the animated disney Wonder Over Yonder. We will keep our custom and talk a little about the story of this animated series. The series follows the life events of Wander and his tough but loyal steed Sylvia traveling from a planet to another helping people have fun and live free, all this against Lord Hater and his army of Watchdogs' evil reign led by the Commander Peepers alittle but evil creature. Wonder is very optimistic, friendly and in some ways annoying. He aspires to explore different worlds, discover new things, and help people that are in need. Wander is an orange creature of an indiscriminate species, with a furry-like stomach. He has large, expressive eyes with black pupils, three black stripes of beard hair on his chin, and is usually seen with a big floppy green hat and with a black stripe above the brim. Sylvia is Wander's loyal, although bullish steed and best friend, who explores and travels the universe with him. She enjoys fighting although her love of roughness cause to come off as ill-temeperd, inconsiderate and reckless at times although she has a softer side. Sylvia is blue with a long neck, stubby arms, and big expressive eyes. They fight agains lord Hater and his army trying to save all of their victims and annoying him all of the time. The administrativa team of our site wants to offer you all the existing games with the characters from this animated series and invintes you to play all the games that we got to offer especially fo you, our frinds. Have fun in this new category with Wonder Over Yonder!