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Witches from all around the world, and all kids of stories are waiting for you right here. Witch games are free, you will have dress-up challenges, cute little witch makeovers to finish and awesome adventures together.

This category is all about Witch games where you can find over 100 games already, of all kinds of types, amazing games wich will keep you entertained for a long time. You should definitely try out some of them, or all of them and see which is the best game from this Witch Games category in your opinion. We created this category of Witch Games, so that we can add the best Witch games that we find or create, so that you, who love these Witch Games, can try out all of them and also find them easily as they are gathered in one place, in this category, so you dont have to spend your precious time by searching for Witch Games, as all of them will be here and it takes just one click to play them and enjoy them in your playtime.

All about Witches

This category holds a lot of Witch Games in it, with all kinds of types of games, but before starting to play these games, we should find out more about Witches in general so that we can enjoy the games much more, am I right? Well, if you want to find out more things about witches, their origin and what they actually are, then you should not stop here! Come and read the following text as well and find out everything you have to know about this Witch Games category and about withes generally.

First of all let’s see some historical facts about witches. The meaning of a witch is very mysterious because throughout history there has not been a consistent definition of this term, witch. Some of the writers used the latin term maleficus to mean witch, and it means a person who performed harmful acts against others. When we talk about witches, we usually think about an evil, dark character who is able to do some bad things with the power of magic. But of course there are a lot of good witches, who are not harmful and they can use magic in order to help someone, or do something good for someone.

So, this term, “witch”, can represent all kinds of types of people or creatures. Some say that a witch is someone who has supernatural powers, others refer to it as an old, ugly woman and some may think about a charming or alluring your lady or woman. As you can see it is very hard to find a sure answer for the meaning of a witch because we all think something else when we talk about witches, and that is not a problem. I am sure that you know some bad and good witches as well, from other games, or movies, series, animated films which you may meet in these games that you will find in this category of Witch Games.

Gaming with Witch Games

Well, as you can see there are a lot of games already in this Witch games category, more than 100 games, and the good thing is that this number will only increase because new and new games are getting created and added into this category day by day, so make sure that you stay tuned so that you can try out the newest Witch Games and you can be the first one to try them out and who knows, maybe you will find a new favorite witch game as well! So, let’s see what games are waiting for you in this Witch games category.

Maybe most of the Witch games are dress up games, fashion games, makeup games, makeover games, hairstyle games, so these Witch games are more likely to be played by the girls. In these games you will be able to dress up and style some cute and beautiful witches. You should definitely try out these if you love everything that is related to fashion games. You will also be able to see very familiar characters, like Harry Potter and Hermione in the Harry Potter, Hogwarts games or the evil queen from Snow White and a lot of other characters which are related to witches and magic.

There are also a lot of puzzle games in this Witch games category like memory card games with the Winx girls, or Halloween coloring games with pictures of those evil, old witches. You will also be able to find a lot of adventure platform games in this Witch games category and most of them will include Bibi Blocksberg, the cute little witch who is known by her kindness and cuteness, so she is definitely a good witch. You may know her from the animated series with her name being the title of the series. She has some great adventures in that show with her best friend Tina. There will be a lot of games with Bibi, not just adventure games but jigsaw puzzle games too, where you will have to put together the pieces in order to get the picture which will show maybe a scene or a character from the show. Another interesting type of game is that puzzle game where you have to find the difference between two pictures, because there you need to have a lot of focus and great observation skills.

Of course, the list does not end here, but I will let you explore the other types of Witch games by looking around in this Witch games category. You will surely be able to find the game that suits your personality the most and that will be your new favorite game! I wish you all a great playtime, I hope you will have a lot of fun with these Witch games and stay tuned for more Witch games!

Are Witch games free to play?

Yes, games-kids.com has a variety of free online with games for kids all ages.

Can we play witch games on phones?


Are all witches old?

No, not all witches are old, green and ride a broom.

Who is the most popular witch?

Bloom from the W.I.T.C.H series.

Are there any witches in the modern days?

Some say they exist, some say they do not.