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Nickelodeon has come up with a new story, and it's name is Wonder Park, in which you will play amazing challenges for kids in pre-school or even kindergarten. June is going to be the main character, and the Wonder Park animals are going to prepare amazing challenges and games for kids that you can play inside a big amusement park with boars, girls, boys, lions or monkeys.

You can see that here on games-kids.com, we are trying to bring amazing new online games that you can play with all your friends for free and on your phones and tablets. Today, we are bringing a very special new games category for boys and girls. This new games category is called Wonder Park, and you can see that inside this new games category, we have prepared for you a very special and very attractive new characters which will be animals and kids around the world. The Wonder Park is a brand new 2019 animal movie that is made on computers, so we are sure that you will love it, because it's a new animated movie made by Nickelodeon. Because we know that you love Nickelodeon games, starting from today, you are going to see that the Wonder Park characters are going to be live on games-kids.com, in each and every one of the Wonder Park games. The entire story will bring in front of you a lot of cute little adventurous animals and characters that you can play awesome puzzle games, adventure games with animals, Nickelodeon memory challenges, fun dress up games, and even action games in amusement parks and inside the Wonder Park, where all the actions and all the Nickelodeon games are going to take place. We said that these cute animals are going to prepare for you amazing games, and you can see that we have prepared special Nickelodeon challenges and funny games and phones and tablets, and that means that you will be able to gain a lot of points by the end of each game, and you will be one the top of the leaderboard in each and every one of the Wonder Park games here on our website. Wonder Park is a very special amusement park like we just sayd, and you can see that it's very special because it's runned by a pack of animals like gorrilas, tigers, giraffs, bears or lions. Monkeys, cimpanzees or hippos are going to appear inside the Wonder Park, because all the animals from this Nickelodeon story are going to have the ability to sing, to talk and to do human stuff, and we are sure that you will have a great time and that you will manage to make a lot of new friends  amoung the Wonder Park characters. Playing all the Wonder Park games from our website, you can see that in this new Nickelodeon challenges, June Bailey and her mom are going to Wonderland, which is the Wonder Park, and today the boys and girls from this challenge are going to have a great time together, because in this new Nickelodeon story, the animals run the Wonder Park, and you can see that the humans are going to be visitors. The animals that run the Wonder Park are Greta, Gus, Cooper, Steve, Greta and Peanut. All these animals are going to have a great time, because in this new challenge, Greta, which is a wild boar, Gus and Cooper which are beavers, Steve which is a porcupine, Peanut, a monkey which is a very special one, because he has ability to create rides that June and her mome love by listening to their voice. All the Wonder Park animals are friends with each other, and they all speak using their animal language that the humans cannot detect and understand, which will make them unite and you will see how well they all work together. While June and her mother are inside the Wonder Park, a big storm hit and they could be in danger, so it's up to you to find all of the Wonder Park games here on our website and make sure that you can finish them in order to save the animals and the humans inside the Wonder Park. This is an amazing Nickelodeon story, and you will see that will be a more amazing Wonder Park games category that you can play with all your friends for free. Make sure that you search online for all the Wonder Park stories, Wonder Park games, Wonder Park episodes or Nickelodeon animal stories that you can watch online. You will have a great time in this new Wonder Park game, and you will have a great time finding out our latest games for kids, and you can play them all on your phones and tablets. Have fun!