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This new and beautiful category that we have to offer to you is with the characters from the nickelodeon serie Wonder Pets.

What are Wonder Pets Games?

We are back with another new category for you our dearest friends. We have promised to offer you as many new and amazing online categories as possible and we are doing our best to impress you with our newest and most wonderful categories of games with new characters. .We try to offer you new categories every time we have the chance, new categories in which you can play and have fun with your favourite characters and today is one of those days in which we have time to offer new categories. This new category that we have decided to offer to you next is a new and beautiful online category in which you will have alot of fun playing with some of your favourite characters. We know just how much you like to spend your time with us and we appreciate that , so we bring you every day new reasons to play our games, to visit our games website every time you have the chance and have alot of fun with us. This new and beautiful category that we have to offer to you is with the characters from the nickelodeon serie Wonder Pets. Here we will try to offer you all the games that we find with your favorite characters and we invite you to play all of them. To mentain our most beloved tradition we will offer you a few details about the serie and it’s characters so that you may understand better the games that it has to offer. The show's main characters are three elementary school classroom pets named Linny the Guinea Pig, Turtle Tuck, and Ming-Ming Duckling. They are presented as a trio of heroes who rescue baby animals as they demonstrate the benefits of teamwork getting trough a lot of adventured together and learn more and more things about friendship and it’s power. The leader of the team is Linny, who actually appears to be the most educated of the group, often providing different zoological and geographical information to the others, but also learning from others and trying to become better wth every episode that you see. She is usually the one to remind the group about teamwork or other values and offer praise , managing to mentain the team at it’s best. Even if they go tough trouble sometimes, they are always finding their way out by working as one, as the team they are. In the games that the category has to offer you will find the other members from the team and by playing them you will get to know them and have fun. Enjoy playing all the games that this new category has decided to offer to you next and have a lot of fun, here on games-kids.com!

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