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The Zeenie Dollz are a group of friends, cute and friendly girls who have decided that they want to become eco-warriors and make sure that they do the best they can so the nature around them is safe and protected. Zennia, Yana, Evee, Sini, Lina and Kazumi are all here to make sure you play the cutest eco warrior girl games.

What are Zeenie Dollz Eco Warriors Games?

If you are ready dear kids to have a good time here on our site games-kids.com, we are more than happy to give you the chance to play the most amazing games you have ever dreamt about and all you need to do is just come and check out the games we prepare for you everyday and that is the best way you can have the best time ever here on games-kids.com. Because we want to make sure that you make new friends and have a good time in all the games and all the categories of our site, we the administrative team of the site are doing our best to give you the chance to play with all kind of fun characters and that is why we thought about this Zeenie Dollz Eco Warrior category in which you get to play with a lot of beautiful and very friendly girls who are here to save the world. Usually an Eco Warrior is a person for whom the nature around us the the most important, a person who would do almost everything to protect it and it’s scarifying his free time and energy for this kind of activities. But when we say we have a Zeenie Dollz Eco Warriors category for you dear kids, we mean in fact the story of 6 beautiful and very friendly girls who are all Eco- Warriors in the magical land where they live because even some fairy tale lands needs the help of those who care for the nature around us. And now we are ready to tell you more about the Zeenie Dollz Eco Warriors because if you know these 6 girls we are sure you will be much more curious to try out all the girly games we have for you in this super fun category, Zeenie Dollz Eco- Warriors. First of all we should tell you some things about Zennia who is the main character and the leader of the Eco-Warriors, she is very friendly and kind and she came up with this idea that the girls should organize and take care of everything around them and she has found five girls who take care of their own habitat, five girls who are now best friends forever and they can work very well together in order to make sure that the nature is in good hands. So now we are here to say some things about the other 5 Eco-Warriors so you would know who is waiting for you in this great girl games. First of all, Yana is one of them a very cute and kind-hearted person, she grew up near the sea and she is just in love with out oceans and of course with all the fish in the sea so she is here to protect the seas and all the living creatures in it. Evee is the protector of the sky, she is a very independent and strong girl and that is important for an Eco-Warrior and she has joined the group to protect the birds, she knows all of them and she is kind of an expert when it comes to birds so she is more than ready for the cute girl games here on our site. The next Zeenie Doll is Lina who decided to enter this group of girls because she really wants to be an eco-warrior too, she loves nature , she is kind and understanding and she grew up always taking hikes and being in nature and so she is ready to protect the rain forests against the people who chop down trees and pollute which is a very important matter. Sini is the next Zeenie Doll who is just in love with animals, she loves to help and that is why she wants to be an eco-warrior, she is even working at an animal shelter and it seems like all the animals she meets love her. Kazumi is the last one of the Zeenie Dollz, she is cute and beautiful and she is a real fashionista, but in the same time she loves arctic animals and she would do anything she can to make sure they are safe and their habitat is safe. Now that you know dear kids who you are going to play with in this fun new girl game, we hope you kids will be curious to come and try out this Zeenie Dollz Eco-Warriors games because they are a lot of fun. Good luck!

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