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The Abby Hatcher adventures are going to be live starting from today, and all the children can see that the Fuzzlies with Bozzly in their lead can stay safe inside Abby Hatcher's family hotel. Abby is a cute little 7 years old girl that is full of gadgets, adventures and little missions with her Fuzzlies friends, and they need help to not get hurt and finish before the time expires for each mission, which you will see that is going to be fun, because all these Nickelodeon characters are full of jokes, funny pranks and funny missions in each of their adventure. Have fun!

There are a lot of special characters that are waiting for you to arrive here on our website, and you can see that we are continuously bringing new categories in which you can make new friends every day of the week. Today dear friends, you will see that we have prepared for you the Abby Hatcher games category, in which you will have the chance to meet new cute little girly characters that you can become friends with in the shortest time. The Abby Hatcher story can be viewed on television, because this is a new online Nickelodeon cartoon that you can watch or read about online. You can see that Abby Hatcher will be needing your help in finishing a lot of special games right here on our website, and you will find out that she is going to live in a special and magic world created by Nickelodeon, a ne world in which you can meet with Abby Hatcher and new magic creatures called Fuzzly. In this new games category, you can see very fast that the main character is a little girl called Abby Hatcher which is bringing for you dear friends a lot of special challenges that you can play for free here on our website. In this new Nickelodeon story, you will see that Abby is living in her family's hotel, and where she stumbled uppon magic creatures called Fuzzlies, and which will shortly become Abby's best friends, because she is a very curious girl, and she is going to be the Fuzzlies' little helper. All the Fuzzly characters are going to be little magic cratures that will have different colors and different abilities that help them in different situations, and you can see them at work here on while you play all the Abby Hatcher games. You can see that Abby Hatcher and her Fuzzlies friends will have a lot of adventures prepared, but because she is just a little girl, Abby will also like to play with you dress up games, makeover games, hairstyle challenges, girly spa games and different other fashion challenges in which she will be along the Fuzzlies, which will also have to be dressed and have cute little colorfull makeovers that you can make using your imagination. Abby Hatcher is a half chinese girl that has only 7 years and so she is not yet going to school, so she has a lot of time playing inside her parents hotel, where she found the Fuzzlies, and where she plays detective, which you will learn fast that she is very good at. Because Abby Hatcher is a little detective, most of the Nickelodeon games that you can find in this new game are going to be ability challenges, hidden objects and hidden numbers games for kids and many interesting detective and hidden spots games in which you will have to solve misteries for the Fuzzlies with Abby Hatcher. Abby is a little millenial, so she has a lot of special gadgets that she can use in all he adventures she and the Fuzzlies will be going, and with your help will finish successfully and gain a lot of points in each game from our website. Abby's best Fuzzly friend is called Bozzly, and he is going to be a little rabit Fuzzly that has golden eyes and has the ability to turn invisible if feeling danger, he can also fly and has super hearing like most rabbits, but more powerful. Both Abby Hatcher main characters have special symbols on their outfits, and Abby's and Bozzly's symbols are going to be a heart and a star, which will help you to see and recognize them faster in your missions. The Fuzzlies creatures are going to be in a high number, so we are not going to tell all of their names, but we are waiting for you to find them all here on, where we have prepared for you all these special Nickelodeon games with Abby Hatcher and the Fuzzlies. We are waiting for you to have a great time and earn the highest score in each and every one of the games, and we are sure that you will manage to unlock all the games and all the next games categories that we are already preparing. Have fun!