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What are Angelina Ballerina Games online?

This new game that we have decided to create for you next is a very beautiful online game in which the main character is Angelina Balerina.

It is time to bring you another category, a new category to our increasing family, a category created especially for you. As you all know, we are always in search of the most beautiful games for you, games in which you are invited to join us and have fun. All these games are put in special categories so that you can find them more easily and have alot of fun with us. This new game that we have decided to create for you next is a very beautiful online game in which the main character is Angelina Balerina. We have promise to offer you as many new categories as we can and we are doing our best. The category that we have for you is only one of the many that will still come and we hope that you will enjoy each game that it has to offer. We want you to think that with each category that we have to offer, comes a huge number of new games to play. You can play our games at any hour of the day and night and we are sure that you will love them. As always we invite you to read a little about the story of the series and its characters and only after that you should play the games, so you can understand better the characters. Angelina Jeanette Mouseling also known as Angelina Ballerina is the main protagonist who loves to dance and ballet and dreams of becoming a famous ballerina and she wants you to join her in every game she has to offer and have fun together. Angelina is a 8-year-old mouseling who is passionate about dancing and life. She is imaginative, clever, and determined. Her Bestest friend is Alice because they have met on a very long time before Angelina moved to her new school. Her 2nd best friend is Viki. She has grown up and moved away from Chipping Cheddar to Mouse City where she wants to see her dream come true and she works really hard to see improvments in her ballet dancing, and she gets really god at it. She has purple eyes and white-pinkish fur. She often wears a pink leotard, pink tutu, with a red rose on it, pink hair ribbon, and pink ballet slippers and she is very friendly. Angelina loves all of her friends and she is always there to help them with everything she can. Angelina Ballerina has a crush on Marco and she is too shy to even say it. She also loves sweets, especially holiday sweets. Angelina is a very beautiful, cute, kind, caring and the sweetest little mousling in Mouseland always full of life and love for everyone. But despite all that, she sometimes also shows signs of jealousy, selfishness and being feisty and suburain. We invite you to join us in this new category and play each game that we have to offer especially for you, here on!!!

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