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What are Angelina Ballerina Games?

This new game that we have decided to create for you next is a very beautiful online game in which the main character is Angelina Balerina.

The latest Angelina Ballerina games for children are ready to be played! We are bringing for you today dear girls and boys plenty of new cute little games and challenges for you to play with all of your friends that you can see only here on our website. The brand new Angelina Ballerina games are ready for you to try even on your mobile phones and tablets, and you will learn everything there is to be learned about this category and cartoon starting from here, reading this description!

The beginning of the Angelina Ballerina story was in England, where her story is extremely popular due to series of children’s books. The main character of the Angelina Ballerina games is going to be a little mouse character called Angelina Mouseling, and she is going to love dancing ballet. The entire series of Angelina Ballerina is going to be about dancing, music and being a good ballerina, and you will see that each and every one of the little girls from our website can learn ballet moves just playing online Angelina Ballerina games right here on our website.

Angelina Ballerina episodes first aired since 2001 and the series went on TV until 2006. During that time, the cartoon with Angelina Ballerina as the main character had 39 episodes. Each episode is 15 minutes long, and you dear kids can watch the Angelina Ballerina series on PBS Kids and PBS Kids Sprout. Besides the long series, there were also three different specials which were more longer, and which showed the stories of Angelina Ballerina even better.

Ballet and tutus

You guys already know that you will find plenty of animal characters inside this category, so you will see that besides the original Angelina Ballerina games category, you will be able to see that we have connected plenty of other categories of games like: Girl games, Music games, Animal games and Kids games, so you will see how much fun you can have playing with them right here on our website, where we are bringing for you each and every one of the Angelina Ballerina games for kids. You can learn more about the little animal characters, and you will be one step closer to have a great experience playing each and every one of our new Angelina Ballerina games!

Angelina Ballerina is of course the main character of the story, and you already know that her actual name is Angelina, and that she is a little mouse! Angelina’s favorite thing in the world is ballet, and she loves to help people and all of her friends in the cartoon. One of Angelina’s biggest dream is to become a famous ballerina. You will easily recognize Angelina inside the Angelina Ballerina games from our website because she is always going to be dressed as a ballerina, and she is going to wear a pink tutu, a pink bowtie on her head. Her skin is also going to be very light-skinned, and she even looks as pink in the perfect lighting.

Another character is Miss Lilly, and she is going to be Angelina’s ballet teacher! Angelina loves her because she is reminding her of her mother. Even though she is sweet and nice overall, you will see that plenty of times even during the Angelina Ballerina games, you will see that she is going to be harsh, in order for the training of the little ballerinas is going to go as she wants. Yet another character of the Angelina Ballerina games category is going to be Alice Nimbletoes, who is Angelina’s best friend in this story, and you will see that she is not going to want to become a ballerina but a gymnast. Alice is going to look a little different than Angelina, as her skin color is going to be different.

Road to ballet

It’s not easy to fulfill a dream, and through all the new Angelina Ballerina games from our website you will see how much a ballerina has to train to become a prima ballerina. The games in this category are going to mostly be for girls, but you will see that the boys can have a lot of fun as well. You can see that there are different challenges up and ready for you to play for free, and the new Angelina Ballerina games are ready for you to try even on your mobile phones and tablets with all of your little animal friends. It’s going to be a great time, because most of the game are going to be ability challenges, in which the main control is the MOUSE. Clicking with the mouse on the buttons on each level will trigger different actions, and you will reach as far as possible through the Angelina Ballerina games from our website.

You can see that one of the most popular Angelina Ballerina games for kids is going to be the Angelina Ballerina Dress Up challenge, in which you will see that the main character is going to be Angelina. She is going to be needing a full fashion makeover by you girls, because it’s going to be hard to change her ballerina outfits! Using the MOUSE, you will have to be sure that in the shortest time, you can defeat the challenge by helping the little mouse character to find out which are the latest trends in ballet fashion. You have to look for new tutu dresses, new ballet shoes and even new pants, jerseys or hoodies for her to wear.

These are just a few of the Angelina Ballerina games here on our website, and we are sure that you will have a great time, because there are plenty of ability challenges for kids that you can play with the animal characters. Inside the games, you will see that you have to solve puzzles, finish different memory games and even a few different and ability challenges, which are also played using the MOUSE. Have fun!

Who is the main character of this show?

The main character's name is Angelina.

Is Angelina a real ballerina?

Not yet, she is training and dreaming of becoming a prima ballerina.

Is Angelina a human?

No, Angelina is a little pink mouse.

Is Angelina Ballerina age appropiate?

Yes, this show is perfect for kids even in pre-school.

Is 15 too late to start learning balet?

No, any age is good to start taking ballet lessons.

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