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In this new category we intend to offer you as many new games with ballerinas as possible and we hope that you will love them.

Now we have for you another one of our new and beautiful online categories, another category in which we are sure that you will have a lot of fun. The administrative team of is trying really hard to impress you by offering some of the best online games, new games in which you will have fun. All of these games need to be placed in special categories , depending on the characters that are playing the main role or the type of games. We have for you both of those types of categories, dedicated to characters or dedicated to types of games. Because we are always looking to offer you the best categories, the administrative team of has decided that this new category should be with Ballerinas. In this new category we intend to offer you as many new games with ballerinas as possible and we hope that you will love them. First of all we will tell you a little about them and after that you are invited to join us and play the games we have to offer. Ballet dancers start training around the age of ten if they desire to perform professionally. Starting earlier may increase their risk of injury in the future, as their bones and muscles are still maturing. Training does not end when ballet dancers are hired by a professional company. They must attend ballet class six days a week to keep themselves fit and aware , which is in fact preety hard, a proffesion that keeps you always training and with the eyes on your healthy alimentation . Ballet dancers begin their classes at the barre, a wooden beam that runs along the walls of the ballet studio. Dancers use the barre to support themselves during exercises. Barre work is designed to warm up the body and stretch muscles to prepare for center work, where they execute exercises without the barre. If you would like to become a ballet dancer, these games could be a great start to see what would you have to do. The history of ballet began in the Italian Renaissance courts of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. It quickly spread to the French court of Catherine de' Medici where it was further developed. Stylistic variations have emerged and evolved since the Italian Renaissance. Early, classical variations are primarily associated with geographic origin. Examples of this are Russian ballet, French ballet, and Italian ballet. Later variations, such as contemporary ballet and neoclassical ballet, incorporate both classical ballet and non-traditional technique and movement. In this new category you will have various games with Ballet dancers and we invite you to play allof them!

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