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What are Ballet Games?

In this new category we intend to offer you as many new games with ballerinas as possible and we hope that you will love them.

Some of the most exciting games for girls are right here! Today, we are waiting for you with the brand new Ballet games category, in which we are sure that you will have a blast, because this is a new category filled with new online challenges for girls that you will be able to play with all of your friends. It’s every little girl’s dream to become a real ballerina, and you girls have the chance to train for the very first time to fulfill your dream through the Ballet games online that you can find right here on our website.

Each and every one of our free Ballet games are online, and available in the category with the same name. You guys can start browsing our website to the category, or start looking for it directly on Google – write ballet games online, free ballet games, girl ballet games, ballet dress-up games or ballet dancing games, and you will see that our category is going to be one of the firsts that will appear in front of you. Click the link, and follow the instructions to start playing the latest Ballet games for girls online. You will see that our Ballet games are special because they can be played wherever you are if you have an internet connection. You will see that the challenges from our website are also available on all devices: computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets!

Look like a ballerina

Every sport, just like dancing has rules, and ballet is going to be filled with strict rules for the ballerinas to follow while dancing, but until you get to start dancing ballet through all of our Ballet games, you dear girls can start looking like a real ballerina, and for that you will see that we have prepared special little challenges for you to play. It’s going to be a lot of fun, because dear kids in the shortest time, using the MOUSE as a default controller to the game, you have to chance to go through the levels of the dress-up, makeover or the girl games, and change your style to look like a real ballerina.

Inside the Ballet games category, you dear girls can see that plenty of very well known cute characters that you might already know look normal. Disney princesses like Rapunzel from Tangled, Elsa and Anna from Frozen or Ariel the Little Mermaid might be the main characters inside the Ballet games, or Super Barbie, Dora or one of the most popular ballerina from our website, Angelina Ballerina will also be present inside this big new category! You will see that the girl characters are going to look like regular people, but they also love ballet and ballet dancing, so you have to help them get ready for their very first ballet practice.

You have to look the part, so these are all going to be makeover games for girls, in which the main characters will have to go shopping and start looking for brand new ballet clothes that they can wear. It’s not going to be easy at all, but using the MOUSE, and being very creative, you will manage to start looking for the most beautiful ballet dresses. There are some rules for a ballerina when getting dressed, because a ballerina will always have to have a body on top, leggings that are white or light pink, and the dress will have to be very short in order to not bother the ballerinas while they are dancing, and these special dresses even have a name – tutus.

The hairstyle and makeup will also be important for a ballerina, and it will also fall under strict rules. The makeup is more loose, and depending on the dance or play that the ballerina performs, it will have a lot of glitter or it will in plenty nude colors like pale pink, pale brown, or white! The hairstyle is almost by default very tight, kept in a bun on top of their head, and will be very well combed in order for it to not get loose while the ballerina dances.

Train to be a ballerina

There is no bad time to take up ballet, but we know that as young as you start you have plenty more chances to become a professional ballerina, because young kids and babies as well are very agile and their muscle elasticity is still very high, so they have no problems stretching while they dance, so the older you get, the harder it will be to become a real ballerina. Hours and hours of dancing will be required to learn how to dance ballet, and that’s going to be a lot better starting from today, because our new Ballet games are here for you to play for free, and you will see that it’s going to be a lot easier to learn ballet dance moves.

Ballerinas are considered very beautiful, agile and magestique due to the moves that they do while performing. In the Ballet games that we are going to present, you will be able to learn these moves through the challenges. Dancing is beautiful, and you can see that the girl characters are going to need your help to learn the moves. The dancing games will be very exciting, and you dear kids can see how much fun you can have playing the games and see how in the shortest time, you will manage to use the ARROW keys, because you will see that on the screen, the arrows are going to appear on the screen of the game, and your job is to use the same on the arrow keys on the keyboard in order to defeat the challenge. If you match the arrows on the screen with the ones on the keyboard, you will be rewarded with points, and you can see that your character is going to start dancing.

This is one example of the ballet dancing games from our website, in which you can play with Elsa, Anna, Ariel, Angelina Ballerina, which want to become the best dancers. You will have to work hard and play as much as possible, and you will see how much fun you can have learning to become a ballerina, and there will be plenty of other cute little games for girls that you can play for free. Have fun!

Is this category for all ages?

Yes, kids all ages can play ballet games.

Is ballet for both girls and boys?

Yes, girls and boys can learn to dance ballet.

Is there original ballerina characters in games?

Yes, there's an entire story called Angelina Ballerina focused on ballet dancing.

Are ballet games online free?

Yes, free ballet games can be found on

Are all ballet games for girls?

No, but most of the games are played by girls.

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