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What are Angry Birds Games online?

A new series with the Angry Birds is live! The most exciting racing games with the Angry Birds kart, fun challenges for boys like the Angry Birds adventures and the fighting games are ready for you to play on mobile. Free ability challenges like the original Angry Birds games, in which you have to shoot down the Pigs are also ready for you to try for free.

We know how much the children on our website love to play ability games, so starting from today, you will see how much fun you can have playing with all of your friends the brand new challenges and categories! Today, you are going to see that we are bringing for you a very exciting new category: Angry Birds! This is a full category based on your skills to destroy as many things as possible using the little birdy characters that you all know from the Angry Birds movie, and all the Angry Birds video games that you kids can play on your mobile phones, tablets, computers and laptops.

Our kids will love to play the challenges of the Angry Birds category, and you can see that inside this new category, you are going to meet with all of your favorite characters and you can defeat the challenges with the highest score. For those who are new to the Angry Birds story, you can see that we are going to start writing for you guys to have some of the best times playing our games, in which you are going to meet for the first time with the Angry Birds, and you will also start to learn how to play these types of games and see which are the movies, the cartoons and where you can see them all over, and all you have to do is to continue to read this amazing description that we have prepared specially for you guys.

The very first Angry Birds game has become to be extremely popular among children all ages, and after that even adults started to play the exciting ability challenges to see if they can beat the records for each level. For you to have a better understanding of the plot, you will see that the game is focused on a flock of birds which are fighting hard with all means necessary to save their eggs from their enemies, which will be green-colored pigs that are going to try to steal their eggs and eat them. The style of the gameplay is going to be also very exciting, because it's made for children and adults as well, and you will see that the theme is going to be cartoony, with awesome graphics over the years, and the rules of the game are also going to be rather easy to be followed so that everybody that can hold a phone in their hands can play Angry Birds.

The little characters that you are going to be friends with in this new amazing category are going to all look the same throughout the years. You will see that the Angry Birds main characters is going to be Red - the red Angry Bird, Yellow - the yellow Angry Bird, Black - the black Angry Bird that looks a little bit like a ninja. These are some of the main Angry Birds characters that are going to appear in each episode of the Cartoons and more importantly, they will be the main characters in the Angry Birds The Movie. As we said, these bird characters have enemies which they will fight against in each and every one of the levels of each video game, and they are going to be the Pigs. They will also look the same, they will be round pigs, that have a big snout and always be green, even though they might have different sizes in different levels of challenges.

How to play

These ability game that the Angry Birds prepared for you guys are going to be a lot of fun to go through, and you will see that once you press play on the very first game inside the category, and it will go through each level until the last one. You will see that you will have to make sure that by the end of the challenges, you will defeat all the pigs in the game. The original Angry Birds video games that you can find for your mobile phones and tablets, is going to be based on very simple rules that you will have to follow in order to finish the game with as many points as possible. You will see that the challenges are going to be shooting games and ability games, in which you are going to use a little slingshot, on which you will be placing one of the Angry Birds character, and using the MOUSE if you are playing on your computers, you will have to pull the slingshot and set a target or a trajectory with your aim, and at the same time the power of your shot. You will have to be very careful, because dear kids you will see that your targets in each level will be the Pig characters, and you have to defeat each and every one of them in order to finish the level and go to the next one.

It's not going to be as easy as it sounds, because dear kids you will see that the Pig characters have different types of defense mechanism, and they will be under cover most of the time. These mechanisms are going be different structures made from different materials which can be wood planks, wood poles, glass, ice, trees, concrete, barrels and many other things that can be put together in order to create a real structure that will make it more difficult to shoot the Pig characters directly with the Angry Bird. The Pig characters can be destroyed even if the structure falls over them, so you have to think very carefully at each shot that you take and see which can be the butterfly effect of it and see how many Pigs you can destroy with only one shot, and if you manage to destroy at the same time the entire structure, it will only mean that you will have bonus points added to your score.

The shots that you will take to destroy the structures and all the villain characters of the story will be also different, and have different attributes! You can see that Red and all the other Angry Birds will have different abilities which will help you better destroy the structures, and even finish the levels without using all of your moves. Some of the Angry Birds will explode on impact, some of them will freeze the items that it hits and so they will be more fragile for the next shot that you will take. Poison, fireworks and even lightning are some of the abilities that you can gain or buy inside the Angry Birds games, and we are sure that you will have a great time using them to destroy the Pigs.

Challenge the Angry Birds

Because they are very popular all over the world, the Angry Birds series started to branch out inside the video game industry, and today dear kids you can see that we have prepared for you a series of games with the Angry Birds, which you will be able to find inside the category with the same name. You will see that most of the Angry Birds will have different karting challenges, which we are sure that all the boys on our website will love, because they already are obsessed with the car racing challenges that we have prepared. The Angry Birds will prepare for you guys amazing kids karts in which you can go in with the Angry Birds, and start to drive them using the A, S, W, D keys or the ARROW keys on the keyboard to keep the kart under control and be sure that you will manage to defeat the other racing drivers and see how much fun you can have becoming one of the best racer on our website.

The Angry Birds are also considering themselves as real artists, and today dear kids you will see that they will start to bring for you guys a lot of coloring games in which you can become real painters, a lot of exciting dress-up challenges for the girls on our website which want to become real fashion designers, and even make-up and makeover games, for all the girls that already know their way through shopping malls and designer outlets. You will play these games using the MOUSE, and we are sure that you will have a great time coloring interesting Angry Birds images, dressing up all the girl characters in the category and create amazing makeups for the girls all over the world to wear.

For the children that have a more vigilant spirit, you will see that we have prepared for you guys a special series of Angry Birds puzzles, different types of Angry Birds differences challenges, in which you will find out which are the newest pictures from the Angry Birds movies! Inside these games, you will have a doubled image, but there will be different details that are going to be different inside these pictures, and based on the difficulty of the level, their number can differ, but you will have to use the MOUSE and start to find them all before the time will expire. The hidden objects, hidden numbers and hidden stars games are also very popular, and you will see that you have to be sure that using the MOUSE, you can use the magnifying glass and start to look for all the hidden items on the pictures with the Angry Birds characters.

These are just some of the games and challenges for kids that you can play for free here on our website, and we are sure that you will manage to help the Angry Birds to reach the highest score of each level and each game that you are going to start playing.

Which is the main character of the Angry Birds?

Red is the bird character that is most often in the spotlight.

What are the Angry Birds' enemies?

The pig characters, because they try to steal their eggs.

What is the Angry Birds series?

At first, it was just a video game, but now there's a movie and a cartoon series.

Is Angry Birds available on phones?

Yes, both android and ios softwares can be used to play Angry Birds.

Are new Angry Birds games available in 2022?

Yes, new g ames are appearing almost each year from the series.

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