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Play free Candy Bird - Bubble Shooter Games

You may know this very well, dear kids, but we the administrative team of the site love to offer you the chance to play the most amazing and fun games here on our site, and that also means that we are always bringing you new friends and new adventures you can be a part of, and this brand new Candy Bird is definitely the game for you to check out because it is indeed a bubble shooter arcade type of game but we are also sure you have never played something quite like this. 

So come and try your best in this new Candy Bird in which you are playing with birds, just like in the angry birds games, and your mission is to knock out the tiles in the other part of the game, tiles which you can notice that they have different colors. 

The birds have different colors too and you need to match the tiles with the birds when you are shooting with these angry birds. But the tiles are probably not going to behave like you would expect them too, this Candy Bird is definitely going to be a mix of an arcade game , an angry birds game and a bubble shooter game, but the green bird is not going to knock down the green tiles. 

What you actually have to do, for example if you are shooting with a green bird, is to shoot towards the tiles that are next to the green ones, they are going to be colored green and when you have three or more tiles of the same color next to each other they are going to disappear and that is going to bring you points. Good luck!

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