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What are Bubble Shooter Games?

Bubble Shooter games are more and more popular among children all ages! Among Us, Disney princesses, Marvel superheroes and some of your favorite characters are waiting for you to play Bubble Shooter challenges!

The ability challenges from our website have their own categories! Today, we are bringing the brand new Bubble Shooter games, in which we are sure that you will have a great time because this is going to be a brand new set of challenges, in which you will have to be fast and careful in order to have the highest score of the game in each round that you start playing. The Bubble Shooter challenges from our website are going to be very exciting and interesting, and the boys and girls from our website love to play even from your computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets for free online.

Starting today, the Bubble Shooter games category is going to be flooded with the most interesting games for kids. You will see that most of the games are going to be played using the MOUSE, and you will have to make sure that in each round, you will be able to defeat the challenges and see how fast you can start to earn the points you will need to unlock level after level. If you haven't played a Bubble Shooter game before, you can soon learn that they are easy to be played, and all you will have to need is a mouse for your computer or laptop, or use your finger if you are playing on your mobile phones and tablets. The Bubble Shooter games rules are also easy to follow, because dear kids no matter the theme or the characters that you are playing with, the rules will be the same.

Each of the Bubble Shooter games will be free to play, and you will see that they will follow the same patterns. In the beginning, you will have a short tutorial that you will be playing in the first level or level 1 of the game. Inside the tutorial, you will learn that there are bubbles, gems and little balloons on the screen, and you will have a cannon, a slingshot or a gun from which you will shoot the bubbles. The bubbles on the top of the screen will have different colors, because dear kids you will see that you will have to pop the bubbles with each shot that you take, and so you can know where to shoot your next bubble. The game or just the level you are playing in will be finished once all the Bubbles will be popped or fall from the screen.

Inside the Bubble Shooter games category, you will see that there are going to be plenty of Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network or Boomerang characters that are going to bring for you the most interesting and the most exciting challenges and games that you can play for free online. These characters are going to be Dora, Peppa Pig, Hello Kitty, Max Steel, My Little Pony, Vampirina, Pikachu, Captain Underpants, Boss Baby, Monster High or Ben 10, which are going to prepare for you guys plenty of other new bubble shooter games for pc that you can play for free!

How to become the best

We are going to share some secrets from this new Bubble Shooter games with different levels, in which you will see that you might meet with some of your favorite characters. You will see that you will use the mouse to play the Bubble Shooter games unblocked even, so you have to have a steady hand, but that's not the secret of winning these challenges! Inside the games, you will see that the bubbles are going to be displayed on the screen in layers, and you will have to use the MOUSE to aim the next bubbles that you are going to shoot in these layers, and you have to be sure that by the end of the game or level, you will manage to have the highest scores by taking the best shots in the shortest time, because you can see that each of the levels are going to timed, and the seconds will go by fast.

Using the MOUSE, on the screen you will see that there are going to be dots or a line for the aim that you are going to be your aid and see further where your aim is at. The Buble Shooter games download for pc are also going to be available, and you might play these types of games for free! It's very important that you have a steady hand all the time during the games, because you will see that there are going to be blocks of the bubbles set in one place, which if you pop, will make the other bubbles on the screen fall. If you manage to pop the bigger chunks of bubbles from just a few shots, you will see that your points will be higher, and you will get extra points or bonuses for the next levels that you will unlock.

All the Bubble Shooter games online from our website are going to be free, and the characters will set you up in each level maybe with different bubbles that you will have to pop. The most popular colors for the bubbles that you are going to meet are going to be red, yellow, green or blue. Your cannon or slingshot that you will be using to shoot the future bubbles will even have different features, so you will see the colors of the next bubbles.

For you to have the highest scores in each and every one of the free Bubble Shooter games, you have to follow the next rules: Have good aim, pop the bubbles with as few shots, finish the levels and meet your favorite characters, help them to clean the screen of bubbles!

Shoot your bubbles

We already said that Disney princesses, superheroes, animals, or robot characters are going to wait for you guys right here on our website as the main characters, and you will have to help them to learn to play these new types of Bubble Shooter games and see how they can play the best way so that there's going to be a new high score in the levels that you start playing in.

The theme of the game will make these new free online Bubble Shooter games unique, because the levels will be different, the bubbles can change in diamonds, buttons, jelly beans, monsters, cookies or even food, so you will have to try as many as possible and see which one is your favorite. There are games for free that you can play with characters like the Monster High girls, in which the bubbles are going to be bones, candy or Halloween decorations, so you have to look through the Bubble Shooter games category and see which is your favorite, because other characters like the Trolls, will bring you bubbles changed in musical notes or little Trolls characters, Jasmine and Aladdin, which will have arabic items like lamps or candles as bubbles, animal characters like Talking Tom, Mickey Mouse or the Paw Patrols will also be available inside this new category, and we are sure that you will have a great time playing these new challenges.

Can Bubble Shooter games be played online?

Yes, Bubble Shooter games are free to play online here on games-kids.com.

Are characters inside Bubble Shooter games?

Yes, plenty of Disney Channel, Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon characters have Bubble Shooter games available.

Can we play Bubble Shooter games on phones?

Yes. Free games on phones and tablets are available inside the Bubble Shooter category.

Which is the most popular Bubble Shooter game?

Shopkins Shoppies Candy Shooter.

How do you win a Bubble Shooter game?

The game is finished when all the bubbles from the screen are popped.

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