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Arthur is an awesome story, where little animals are trying to live ordinary human lifes! It's going to be a lot of fun solving puzzles, a quiz in school and even adventures in the neighborhood.

The funniest challenges for kids are ready! The new Arthur games category is going to appear starting from today right here on our website, where dear children you can find little challenges. Arthur is a new character that waits for you guys with a new special set of games that you can play with all of your friends, and with all of his friends from school which you are going to meet starting from today, and inside the category, you will see that all the characters are going to be animals and they will try to leave like real humans.

The Arthur series was available for a long time on PBS and on Minimax all over the world, but it first appeared based on the Arthur book series which was very popular. The first episode of the Arthur series appeared on December 2003, and each season of the cartoon had at least 8 episodes. The series was renewed in 2008, and it had four new seasons, and it lasted for 25 seasons, during which the children started to learn which are each and every one of the characters' things that they like, which are the things that they are scared off, and how each of the characters are going to look.

For you to have a glimpse of the series, the Arthur cartoon is going to show the family life and problems so that the children all ages start to learn how to deal with the problems such as diseases that alter the family life and how people can deal with the issues like asthma, autism, diabetes and even cancer. There are not going to be only problems inside the cartoon, and you will see that the seires is going to try to teach the kids from our website how to have different types of relationships by having a lot of friends, there will be even soft couples that will love each other and will help you guys to learn how to deal with people that are different from what you like or even if they have a different type of personality.

This is just a short sum-up of this new Arthur category that you can find here on our website, and you will see how each and every one of the Arthur games that we are going to post, will be free to play, and that they're going to be available even on your mobile phones and tablets, not only on computers or laptops, which will make it easier for you to play wherever you are in the world.

Who is Arthur

You will love the series, because the characters are very interesting, based on real animals that will try to live a real life just like humans, and that means that they will wake up sleepy in the morning, they will have a hard time getting ready for school, they will be late for class, they will have friends, they will have bullies, they will have problems studying and all they want to do is to have fun and play with their friends. Arthur is the main character of the show, and so it got his name to be easily recognized. Arthur is a brown aardvark who lives in Elwood city, a fictional town created specially for this series. Arthur is going to look and act like a third-degree student, and his school is named Lakewood Elementary School.

Inside the series, you will see that Arthur is going to try to have a normal life, and he is going to live with his family, his father David, a chef with which you will cook some of the best dishes, his mother Jane, who is an accountant and which will help Arthur learn math and maybe try to help him to become himself an accountant. This is not the entire Arthur family, because he is going to have two younger sisters, called Dora who is in preschool and which is very popular in the series, and which appears in a lot of the Arthur free online games here on our website! The second sister of Arthur's is Kate, but she is just an infant while the show was airing, and there's a little pet dog called Pal!

As we already said, this series is going to be based on the life of Arthur, who is going to have a lot of friends, and you will see that all of Arthur's friends will appear inside the series! The friends and school colleagues are also going to be little anthropomorphic animals like rabbits, and they will be from different backgrounds, socioeconomic differences and other types of places which will make the show very different and exciting. It's a lot of fun, because the little games and challenges are going to be ready for you to try and see how much fun you can have playing with all of your friends and with all of your favorite characters.

The city in which they live in is portraited to look like a real suburban city, in which you will find different types of stores and even a big mall, where Arthur and his friends will go to have fun and even start to buy a lot of things for them and their friends.

Arthur challenges you

Because it's a full category for children all ages, you will see that the little challenges and games for kids will be very diverse. This new Arthur category for children are going to have for you different little themes, and you can play the games for free even on your mobile phones and tablets online. Inside the category, Arthur is going to be ready and you will see how the main character is ready with cute games and which you will see that he is going to have puzzles, memory games,sort through pictures and even start to help Arthur and all of their friends to do their homework, so you will see that the games will be educational in some challenges for you to play for free.

Arthur's games are educational, and you will see how many ability games for kids will be ready, just like the Crank it Up game, in which you will have to ride a bike and start to fill up buckets with water by making sure that you can pedal as fast as possible. There are going to be plenty of other interesting challenges for kids that you can try, and playing the ability games, you can see that in this new challenges, you can defeat the games and start to have the highest score. You can build towers out of bricks, blocks and even small little toys, and we are sure that you will be able to defeat the game.

There's going to be the Arthur Coloring Page game, in which you will see that the little animals are ready for you to try for free. All you have to do is to use the MOUSE, pick up the coloring tools and start to put in colors inside the black and white pictures, and we are sure that you will have a great time and that you can create the best and the most exciting pictures with Arthur and all of his friends. School games are ready, in which you will be teached math and you can help Arthur to do calculus or geometry, and if you have a lot of correct answers during the tests and quizes, you will have the highest score, and that will help Arthur have good grades in school.

Arthur and all of his friends and sisters will be ready for you to play amazing challenges, and you will have the chance to see awesome games like puzzles, you can go swimming, you can ride bicycles, motorcycles and even drive small cars and tractors through Arhutr's city, and we are sure that you will manage to defeat the challenges and have the highest score in each and every one of the games that you start and click play on from this new category. Have fun!

Is Arthur a show for kids?

Yes, this show is for kids up to 13 years-old.

Who is the main character of the show?

Arthur is the main character who also gives the name of the show.

Where can we watch the show?

The show was on CBS and on Minimax.

How many seasons does Arthur have?

The show stopped after having 25 seasons.

Is Arthur an only child?

No, he has two little sisters, Dora and Kate.