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What are Astro Boy Games?

Today we have decided that one of the categories that we will offer to you will be with the characters from the series Astro Boy.

What do you say about some new and fun online categories for you? Well we are back with some new categories and we were hoping that you are interested in meeting new characters and playing new and fun online games. Before you start choosing your favourite type of games, why don’t you take a look at what we have to offer, you may discover that you will love more on our website than you think. We are researching every time for new categories of games, for new characters to bring to you, so that you may make new friends. Today we have prepared a number of extremely fun online games and all those games have a special category. We usually do not offer new games unless we have a category for them, so you are able to find more of the games that you like if you just search for the category, or write the name of the characters in the search section that we also have. Today we have decided that one of the categories that we will offer to you will be with the characters from the series Astro Boy. Here we plan on bringing you a few details about the series and the main characters and after that we will offer you as many new and amazing online games as possible. Astro Boy is a robot boy made after the son of Dr. Tenma who got disintegrated while he entered in a room with negative energy. Tenma tries to get pass his son’s death by building a robot replica of him with all his memories, but also with defending abilities and other defences to protect him. When the robot is awakened, acts exactly like Toby , believing that nothing has happened, that he is the same, but Tenma sees that the personality is different and start rejecting it. Soon he discovers his abilities and learn from his origins from Tenma. Toby runs away and he he is attacked the guards of Dr. Elefun . Eventually he awakens in a junkyard and he is found by a number of human kids who take him and makes him who he is, a hero . The action of the serie takes place in a futuristic world were Robots co exist with humans and it shows the adventures of Astro Boy, a very powerful . He fight crimes and saves people every day in his fun adventures . Here in this new and amazing online category of games that we have for you with Astro Boy we would very much like to offer you more new and fun online games, new games in which you get to know even better Astro Boy and have fun with him in his adventures. You will find all types of games that you loves and that exist with Astro Boy and we sure hope that you will love him as much as we do. Come and join us in this new and fun online category of games and have fun, here on the website where you can travel from universe to universe making new friends and having fun!

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