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What are Avengers Games?

Avengers are a group of Marvel superheroes lead by Nick Fury from SHIELD! Avengers are fighting crime and villains from our world and even from outer space so that kids can play outside safe in the big cities.

Avengers games are very popular here on our website, and because of that, we are bringing a new series of games and challenges that all the boys on our website to be able to play for free. The new Avengers games will be ready for you to play for free even on your mobile phones and tablets, which is a big plus because all you need to play them is an internet connection, so you can play the games wherever on the globe you are. Do you know or have seen the Avengers movies?! This series of Avengers games are based on the original movie and comic book with the same Avengers name, in which a group of Marvel superheroes come together and form the first superhero team in order to save the planet.

Marvel's the Avengers or The Avengers appeared for the first time as a movie in 2012, but the movie is based on the comic books created by Marvel, which have of course the same name - Avengers. The Avengers is formed by several superheroes, which are of course very well-known Marvel superheroes that have their own comic books, Marvel movies, and even cartoon series! Which are the guys which can be seen in the Avengers: Tony Stark, Thor, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, and Steve Rogers are some of the names you might know already by their superheroes names. Stay tuned for the entire story, and see which will be your favorite type of Avengers games that are going to be ready for you to play for free.

You will see that the entire Avengers games category is going to be very exciting and filled with awesome games. The boys games are going to make the entire category, but there are also going to be plenty of girl games with the Avengers that you can play for free! You will see that the Marvel superheroes will try to change their looks, and so the girls can go nuts and create brand-new costumes and create amazing makeovers for the Avengers. You will soon learn how easy it will be to play Avengers games for kids, because the controls are going to be easy to use! It's a new chance for you to play using the MOUSE to trigger actions when you click on buttons.

Gather the Avengers

The very first time when Avengers are going to be called together is when Loki, brother of Thor God of Thunder gathers with Other, a leader of a different race called Chitauri, and he is going to try to take over the world and retrieve the Tesseract, which is one of the most powerful sources of energy in the Universe. If he manages to take the Tesseract and give it to the Chitauri, Loki was promised a big army which he can use to take over Earth. For the first time, a new character gets into play, and his name is Nick Fury! He is the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. When Loki steals the Tesseract, it suddenly activates a wormhole and it helps Loki to reach Earth faster.

The Avengers are called by Nick Fury to SHIELD headquarters without knowing what's happening. Natasha Romanoff is sent to Kolkata, where Bruce Banner is hiding, and she has the first mission to call Bruce Banner. Do you know the name? We ar sure of it, but if you don't, Dr Bruce Banner is the one who created the Hulk, better yet, he is the Hulk once he loses his temper. Nick Fury is doing the same type of mission, but his target is Steve Rogers. A new name, a new Marvel superhero of course, and you will soon learn that he is Captain America! These are just two of the Avengers superheroes, and inside the Avengers games, you will see that there are more to come. Tony Stark! A new name, and you will learn that he is Iron Man, one of the best and most popular superheroes that Marvel created throughout the years.

The first mission of the movie and the Avengers games are the same! Defeating Loki and taking back the Tesseract. Loki tries to steal different resources that help him to control the Tesseract's power, which leads to the first confrontation between Loki and the Avengers. Thor tries to convince Loki to return to Asgard, and for you guys that don't know yet, Loki and Thor are brothers, and they have a little bit of a difficult relationship, that Thor always tries to mend and be good half-brothers, but Loki has only evil plans that Thor has to stop before it goes overhead.

This is the beginning of the Avengers, which is going to have over the years plenty of missions, and one of the biggest is the latest one! The Avengers games are all going to be based on each and every one of the movies, cartoons, and comic books and the latest mission is the Avengers: End Game, in which the world is very close once again to being destroyed, and the Avengers superheroes will have to defeat Thanos, one of the most powerful villains that the boys and girls from the Avengers games are going to face against.

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Some of the most exciting Avengers games are going to be right here on our website, and you will see that the category is going to be filled with exciting challenges. You will see how much fun you can have playing adventure games, puzzle Avengers games, free Avengers coloring games, new Lego Avengers games, online Avengers racing games, and a lot of Avengers fighting games for boys, in which you will learn karate, boxing and other types of martial arts. You can see which is your favorite type of the available Avengers games, and you can pick your favorite, finish the series and see how many points you can gain through the challenges.

The Avengers puzzle games are some of the most popular in this category, and we are sure that you will have a great time, because you are going to meet with the Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Thanos, Thor, and Natasha Romanoff. You will see that each of the Marvel pictures inside this category is going to be exciting, and all of them will be from the Avengers movies! All you have to do is to make sure that you can solve the puzzle pieces and place them in the right spots so that you can defeat the challenges, solve the puzzle pictures as fast as possible, and you will see how many points you will be rewarded after each puzzle solved.

The Avengers coloring games are also going to be very exciting, so you will see how much fun you can have playing each and every one of the Avengers Coloring Book. You will have to use the MOUSE to play through these new challenges, and you have to be sure that you can defeat the challenges, in order to have a complete coloring book. Each Avengers coloring game will have a different set of colors, and you have to be sure that you can defeat the challenge and create some of the most exciting coloring pictures with the Avengers.

The Avengers adventure games are some of the most popular and are the highest in number inside the Avengers games category. Each of the adventures is going to start a new superhero, and they will have a new mission to finish so you have to be sure that you can help them all win each mission in order to keep the superhero healthy and alive, and at the same time of course, win the mission and save the city.

Avengers Girl games are also a thing, because in plenty of times and through their adventures in other galaxies, the Avengers superheroes get hurt, and they tear up their superhero costumes, and you dear girls can help them get new costumes! There are plenty of makeover games for girls ready to be played inside the Avengers games category, and all you have to do is to be creative, use the MOUSE to change the clothes, and see how new styles might best suit the Marvel characters that you love. Have fun

Who is the number 1 Avenger?

Some say Iron Man, some say Thor.

Is there going to be Avengers 5?

Nobody knows yet if the 5th Avengers movie will appear.

Who was Marvel's first superhero?

The Human Torch.

Who is the stronger in Marvel?

Hercules / Zeus.

Who is Iron Man?

Tony Stark.

Does Thor have a brother?

Yes, Loki.

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