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What are Beauty and The Beast Games?

New Beauty and the Beast games based on the Disney movie are here for you, guys! New challenges like makeovers with Belle, fight with the Beast, and ability challenges with other Disney characters are ready for you to try!

The greatest stories are right here on our website, and today, dear children, you will see a new Beauty and the Beast games online category, which will bring you closer to the main character, who is princess Belle, and another main character is, of course, the Beast. You will get into the details of the story in the rows below, and we are sure that you are going to love this new story! All the girls love Beauty and the Beast because it's one of the first love stories created by Disney, and it will bring forward the love story of a cute and simple girl called Belle, which means beautiful in Italian, and the Beast, a rich, handsome but cursed prince which lives alone in his castle.

Being a love story, we are sure that you are very curious about the ending, because not all love stories have a happy ending, just like Romeo and Juliette. The entire story originated in the 90s, but in 2017, there was a new Beauty and the Beast movie released as a musical, which was very popular, and was seen all over the world in cinemas. The movie or the previous cartoons are not the only productions of Beauty and the Beast, and because it's so popular all around the world, there are different productions like theater plays and even musicals on Broadway that can be seen even today, since the story originally appeared.

This new Beauty and the Beast games category is going to be mainly for girls, and you will see that each and every one of the girly challenges available starting from today can be played for free! The games that we are posting every day with Beauty and the Beast are free to play on your mobile phones, computers, tablets, and laptops, and we are sure that you will have a great time because Belle is going to bring for you, guys, a lot of different games for girls. You will see that we have prepared for you dress-up challenges, in which, based on the theme of the game, you and Belle will have to go shopping for beautiful clothes. You will have to make sure that you and Belle will be able to complete different makeovers for fashion purposes: hairstyles, makeup, and even shoes will be needed for each makeover that you start for Belle or the Beast!

These are just a few types of challenges for girls that the Disney princess has prepared for you, guys in Beauty and the Beast games online, and we are sure that you are going to love this new story, in which a cute and innocent girl is trapped by mistake by the Beast, but eventually, the original plot is changed, and the two will fall in love, and they will get married and live until death will take them apart. For the entire story, you have to continue reading this category description, and we are sure that you will love the story and all the characters! Because it's a Disney story, you will see that this musical is going to be filled with magic, and you will have the chance to learn a lot of things about love and people's personality.

Beauty and the Beast games & story

The entire story is going to have a very good lesson to be learned because the Beauty and the Beast story started with a beautiful and vaporous night at a big, rich, decorated castle, where the character we know as the Beast lived. He is a beautiful but very selfish prince. One night, when he was hosting a big ball with a lot of people, a lot of good food, beautiful decorations, good music, and a lot of dancing, a witch disguised as a beggar entered the palace and asked the prince if she could stay for the night, because of the storm that was outside, and that she was seeking shelter from the rain. The prince refused the enchantress due to his selfishness, and that infuriated the witch, who revealed her true form and cursed the prince into the beast that he was afraid of in other people, and the curse said that only if someone will love the prince for his personality not only his looks, the curse will be over, and he will be able to return to his true form. This is also the plot in Beauty and the Beast games online.

The years went by, and the prince started to isolate himself from the kingdom, and all of his servants went away, and he remained alone in the castle, which over the years started to lose its beauty. You will learn that the curse of the prince had a deadline, and he had to find true love even looking like the beast until all the petals of a rose fell off. That scared the Beast and after a few failed attempts, he started to think that he will never find love and that he will be forever the Beast, and no longer the beautiful prince that he used to be. Everything is about to change one night, when even though the castle was known to be the home of a big and ugly beast, Belle wandered into it due to a storm that scared her horse.

Belle didn't know about the Beast's tales, and that he was living inside the castle, and she thought that she was alone because the castle didn't look occupied. The magical part of the story and of Beauty and the Beast games starts now even more, and you will see that the Beast was not all alone in the castle, because he had little servants, which are a candle, a teapot, a clock, and little china that are able to talk and do different activities that normal objects from your house are not able to do. Belle finds the magical things and eventually runs into the Beast through the castle, and he decides to keep her as a prisoner. Belle's father is worried about her and starts to look for her daughter after the storm is over, and finds out that she is inside the castle where the Beast lives, and he is starting to be more and more scared for her daughter's life.

The Beast is still human, and he didn't harm Belle. She was taken care of pretty well for a prisoner, and she started to read from the prince's library. They started talking eventually, after Belle saw that the prince is not truly a Beast and that the looks are just a curse, and here is when the love story in Beauty and the Beast games & story begins because, after a few days of living with the Beast, she started to care about him, because he was always sad, knowing that the curse deadline is near. The rose had only a few petals left, so the prince knew that he will no longer have time to find true love.

Love story

The prince sees how beautiful Belle is, how innocent and how eager she is to read all of the interesting books that she doesn't have access to normally, but his dreams are about to be ruined. Belle's dad found his daughter at the Beast's castle, and he did not come alone. The stories tell that the Beast often goes into the village, because he is lonely in the castle on the top of the hill, and that the villagers are afraid because he is big, strong, and ugly looking, so they formed a big mob, got to the castle and wanted to kill the Beast so that they can live at peace, without being afraid of being attacked at night. Belle and the prince are already in love, but they didn't tell each other these words, so when Belle's dad came for her daughter, the Beast was angry and thought that she was the one that called them there and that she tricked the Beast so that all the villagers get to him.

It's very sad to know that the Beast almost died during the fight with the villagers, but eventually love wins the battle – this is also the moral of Beauty and the Beast games online! Belle manages to get to his father before they kill the prince, and express her true love for him and that she doesn't care about his looks, because he had a good personality and they turned out to love each other in the short time that they spent together at the castle. All the magical items from the castle, which witnessed the fight, were afraid of losing their master, but the curse is lifted right before the rose loses its last petal, so the Beast turned back into the prince, and Belle saw his beautiful looks for the very first time, even though she didn't care about it. The prince is no longer sad due to the curse that he had to live with all these years alone in the castle, and now he and Belle are getting married, and live happily ever after.

Who is the main character in the Beauty and the Beast games & story?

There are two main characters, Belle and the Beast.

What does Belle look like?

Belle has brown hair, brown eyes, and a beautiful yellow dress.

Why does the prince turn into the Beast?

The prince is cursed to turn into the Beast by a witch.

What's the rose part in Beauty and the Beast games online & story?

The rose is the time that the beast has to find true love.

Does the Beast turn back into the prince?

Yes, the Beast finds true love with Belle, and the curse is lifted.

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