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What are Big Hero 6 Games?

Big Hero 6 is a wonderful Marvel and Disney story, which stars Baymax, a robot created to help and take care of humans. Hiro will be the main character and his story will be to change Baymax' personality and see if he can become a warrior robot instead of a healthcare one.

The Big Hero 6 games category is right around the corner, wanting for you guys to play some of the most exciting and interesting games for children that are available for free online! The Big Hero 6 games are free to play right here on our website, and this new series of games for boys and girls are available even on your computers, laptops, iPhones, android mobile phones, or tablets! The game series will be based on the Big Hero 6 story, a computer-animated movie based on the life of a superhero! All the kids on our website love a story based on superheroes or heroes, so the Big Hero 6 games are going to be very popular we are sure of it.

The Big Hero 6 movie was released and created by Walt Disney Studios, and it's based on a Marvel comic book that was very popular among children and adults as well. This story was one of the first movies or series created by Disney which was based on a Marvel story, so it was a new barrier broken by the Big hero 6 characters who are very anxious to know you kids and play together every one of their Big Hero 6 games already published here on our website. You will see that inside the Big Hero 6 games category, you will find more than 50 games already, and they are all going to be free to play online, which is amazing, and you will manage to meet with your new favorite Disney and Marvel superheroes.

The very first Big Hero 6 movie appeared in 2014, but since then, Disney has also created a series based on the original story, it was on Disney Channel and Disney XD since 2017 and was aired until 2021. Another two-season series was created, and it's named Baymax Dreams which appeared in 2018, and even a new Baymax! series which is exclusive on Disney+ and appeared for the first time with the first episode in 2022. These are the movies, series, and cartoons in which you can meet with the robots, androids, bots, and human beings from the Big Hero 6 games which you are about to play.

Who is the Big Hero 6

This is going to be a very interesting category, in which the games will be filled with adventures and action challenges! Before you start playing these games, you have to learn more about the main characters, where the action is going to take place, which are the missions, and which are the dangers with which you are going to meet with through the Big Hero 6 games! The entire story of Baymax and Big Hero 6 will take place in the city of San Fransokyo, a combination of the city of San Francisco and Tokyo! This little detail is going to set up the scene for the entire show, and you will see that one of the main characters of the story is Hiro Hamada, a 14-year-old high school boy, which loves science, robots, and technology overall. He is going to be part of an underground world, where he goes and competes in robot fights.

Hiro has a bigger brother, which wants to help him get out of this dangerous world, and so takes him to his laboratory! He works at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, where Hiro is going to meet for the first time with the second main character of the story! He is not human, but will be very important inside the story! Baymax, is the second character that is important, and he is a robot created by Hiro's brother and his colleagues. He is not an ordinary robot, because he is inflatable, and was created as a "doctor" or a healing robot or healthcare robot. Hiro loves the technology found at the institute, so he gives up the robot fights and applies for a job here, and his assignment was a winner.

His project was tiny microbots that can link together and create different structures such as big powerful robots by linking together. This attracted the attention to plenty of other companies not only the institute's, and that was very dangerous. There was an accident at the lab, and the microbots got out of the laboratory. Hiro activates Baymax and started the search for the microbots, when they found them, they saw that a "villain" started mass manufacturing the microbots already by the masked man, which was also suspected of causing the accident at the lab, in which Hiro's brother died.

This is the beginning of the story, in which Baymax started to become more than a healthcare robot. Hiro uses his engineering skills to upgrade Baymax, and so he equipped him with armor, new features and even some weapons, which will make him more powerful than ever, and you will see that the big balloon robot even learned martial arts in just a few seconds. This entire battle will also be available to be seen from your own point of view through the Big Hero 6 games available here on our website, and you can even help Baymax and Hiro through their fights against the villains that killed his brother.

The story continues with the chase between Baymax & Hiro for the masked villain, which is tracked to a secret island lab. They get attacked again on the island by the masked man and his nanobots. Hiro discovers who is the masked man during the fights on the island, and it's Callaghan, the man who worked with his brother. Hiro get's very furious, and takes out Baymax's chip that makes him a healthcare robot, and orders him to kill his opponent, and Hiro is stopped by his friends, which install the chip back and stops Baymax's attack, which will remind Hiro his nature, and why his brother created him, which is to help people not to harm them.

Finishing this first adventure with Baymax, you will see that it's going to be revealed even in the Big Hero 6 games that Hiro manages to change his revenge thoughts and stopped using Baymax as a weapon, which was against his nature, and he wanted to respect his brother's work, and honor him every day when him and Baymax will go on a mission, and start to rescue people, which can be very well seen in the Big Hero 6 games with doctors or rescue missions which will be ready in our new category.

The challenges that await you

This is going to be a rather big Big Hero 6 games category, in which there are plenty of challenges that you can play for free, and which can be your favorite free online games! You will see that each of the games from this new category will have Baymax or Hiro as the main characters, so you will have a great time playing with these two characters. The games that you are going to face in this new Big Hero 6 games will be very different, so you boys and girls can find at least one of your favorite types of games. You will see that the girls can play plenty of cooking Big Hero 6 games, dress-up Big Hero 6 games, makeover Big Hero 6 games, and even spa Big Hero 6 games.

Inside the cooking challenges, you will see that Baymax will try to create several surprises for Hiro. You will be cooking hamburgers, pizza, pasta, and even cupcakes which will have Baymax's face on them. For that, you will have to use the MOUSE, press the play button and start to follow and respect the recipe to see how you can have a delicious meal cooked for Hiro. Inside the dress-up games for girls with Big Hero 6 characters, you will see that you will have to create a new superhero costume for Baymax, and create special makeovers for Hiro as well for Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine's Day!

The best is yet to come! The boys games are going to be even more interesting, and you will see that most of the Big Hero 6 games for boys on our website will be adventure challenges, in which superhero Baymax is the main character, and you will help him and Hiro to finish their mission. Rescues, fights and battles between robots will be the main action story of the Big Hero 6 adventure games inside this new category, and we are sure that you will love playing them all for free online! You will see that inside these Big Hero 6 games for kids, you will be playing the adventures using the A, S, W, D keys and start to make your avatar move through the world, and the SPACE key to jump. The kicking, the shooting and the boxing movements will be different and the controls might be on your MOUSE.

Of course, there are going to be plenty of robot games, in which you and Hiro will work together because you will be robot doctors. Baymax and all the other robots in this Big Hero 6 games will get hurt, broken or scratched during the robot fights in the actions or missions, and you dear kids will have to make sure that you can defeat the challenges, and start to repair different types of body parts of Baymax' armor so that he can function well and be 100% for the next superhero adventure-ready inside our new Big Hero 6 games. Have fun!

Is Big Hero 6 a comic book?

Yes, the original story is a comic book story created by Marvel.

Is Big Hero 6 Marvel or Disney?

The original story is created by Marvel, and Disney created the first Big Hero 6 movie and series.

How many Big Hero 6 movies are there?

Just one.

Is there a new Big Hero 6 movie coming up?

No, but there's a Disney+ series called Baymax appearing in 2022.

Who is the main character of Big Hero 6?

Baymax and Hiro are the main characters of the story.

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