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After a while of waiting we decided to bring you a new category of games in which you will have a lot of fun with your favourite characters from one of the most loved animated series from Disney, Calimero.

Because we know how much you guys love to play with animals, today we are bringing for you the brand new Calimero games category, in which you will find more than ten challenges that you can try out for free online. Each and every one of the Calimero games are going to be available to play on all devices: using the MOUSE on computers or laptops, and tapping the screen while playing online on mobile devices and tablets.

Calimero a little children’s TV series, which is going to bring forward for kids all ages from all around the world a little chicken as the main character. Calimero is going to stand out from the beginning of the series, because you will see that he is not going to be an ordinary baby chicken character! Even though he is going to live with a family of yellow chicks, Calimero is very different even from the way that he looks. Unlike his brothers and sisters, Calimero is all black, doesn’t have a spot of yellow on his feathers. To be an even more eccentric character, you will see even from the very first picture of any Calimero games on our website, that the main character will always have a half of an egg shell on his head, which he is going to wear like a protection.

The beginning of this story originates in Italy! This is an Italian show, and it dates since 1963! The story is iconic in Italy, and even modern stories have details about Calimero in them, so that the new generation of kids know the story of Calimero, even though they are not watching it on TV or online. The Calimero cartoons and books suffered plenty of new iterations over the years, and in 2014, there was a brand new Calimero series which was very popular, and so the Calimero games started to appear online, and starting from today on, you guys will be able to start playing them for free on all of your devices.

Different chicken

You need to know who you are playing with, so Calimero has a short character description prepared for you guys to read, and after that, you can start playing the brand new Calimero games for children that we have already posted. Inside the category, you will be able to find already nine free Calimero games, and we are sure that you will love each and every one of them. Calimero is going to be easy to be spotted in the games that you want to try out, because he is going to be the only black chicken in the category. Calimero is just a baby chick, so it’s going to be even easier for you to spot him. One of the main features that he has is that at all times during the Calimero series, he had an half egg shell on his head, which will be another detail that will help you guys recognize Calimero faster while he will be surrounded by other types of animals.

Besides Calimero, who is obvious why he is going to appear in the games, there will be plenty of other animal characters that you guys can play with. There’s going to be a white neck duck, one of his sisters is also going to be very present inside the Calimero games, and the last one, one of Calimero’s best friend, a green bird that will always wear a safety helmet on his head so that he doesn’t get hurt in any of the adventures that he is going to start with Calimero.

Now that you know which are all the Calimero characters that you can meet with, we are going to start telling you children which are the types of online Calimero games that you can play for free! These little challenges with animals are going to be very cute and easy to play, so that you can have a chance to have a new high score each time you start playing. One of the first Calimero games online that we have posted is the Calimero Memory game, in which dear kids you can see that there are going to be four different Calimero pictures on four different cards. Each picture has a duplicate in the level, and you dear kids will have to use the MOUSE to play the Calimero memory game, and start to look through the memory cards in order to see which are the matching pictures. With each picture that you match, you will earn points for your score, and you can become the best player of the game.

Calimero Pogo game is another challenge ready for you to play for free! This is a new adventure, in which Calimero is going to bring his pogo stick, and he wants you guys to help him learn how to ride it! It’s not going to be easy, because inside this Calimero game online, for the first time, you will have to use the A, S, W, D keys or the ARROW keys on the keyboard as the main control. You dear children will have to be sure that in the shortest time, you can defeat the challenge, because there’s going to be different platforms on which you have to help Calimero to jump on using his pogo stick. You have to be sure that you can reach the next platform when you jump, otherwise it’s going to be game over, and you have to start everything all over again.

When did the very first Calimero story appeared?

Calimero dates from 1963.

Is Calimero an American story?

No, the story was created in Italy.

Is Calimero a chicken character?

No, he is a baby chicken, called chick.

Why is Calimero different from his family?

He is different, because he is the only black chicken of the family.

When was the last Calimero series aired?

In 2014.