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Captain Biceps is bringing new superhero adventures here on our website which you can see that you can finish with all your friends. Captain Biceps has a superhero group and he is going to bring for you awesome adventures, superhero quizes, superhero action games and different type of ability tests that you will have to solve if you want to gain points. Try out our Captain Biceps category here on our website, and you can see that there are going to appear a lot of fun and interesting games here on our website by the end of the day. Help Captain Biceps become one of the most famous superhero from our website, and you can see that Captain Biceps Puzzle, Captain Biceps Differences or Captain Biceps adventure might be the most played three games from our website, where the new superhero boy si going to return with a lot of fun and interesting entertainment attempts. Have fun!

Are you ready for a new category and a new character and all of his friends to appear here on our website and bring for you awesome fun that you can participate at with all your friends. Today dear children we are waiting for you with the Captain Biceps category, which dear friends is bringing for you a lot of attractions and funny stories for boys that you can see and play with Captain Biceps and all of his friends only here on our website. We are sure that you will have a great time with this new superhero called Captain Biceps. This new category is based on a French cartoon, which has only one main character and his name is Captain Biceps, which you can see that will star in most of our boys and superhero adventures from this new category. Captain Biceps is a very muscular french boy, and he has a superhero gang that tries to keep the whole world safe, and that means that you will have to help Captain Biceps and all of his friends to win all the special and secret missions, all the adventures and all the action superhero games that you can see that we are going to publish on our website and which you will find in the superhero, boys, fighting, action, adventure and Captain Biceps categories. As all of you know, every superhero has a villain that he has to fight against in order to be a superhero, so this new category has a villain as well and you will have to help Captain Biceps win each and every one of the fights against all the villains from this new category. For you to love even more this new place where you can play boys and superhero games, you can see below that we have a short description of a few of the characters that you will be playing online in the Captain Biceps category. The main character as we said is Captain Biceps, a big and powerful superhero with a fist that looks like it's made from iron and it's power is similar, but you can see that he is not an adult, because Captain Biceps is just a kid. All the you have to know in addition about Captain Biceps is that he is not just strong but he is smart and brave, and you will see that he and his sidekick will never back up from a fight, from an adventure or a riddle that he can solve with his mind not with his power. We said something about a sidekick, and you can see that his name is Genius, and he is Captain Biceps' friend and sidekick which is trying his best to help the captain to gain points and finish each and every one of the superhero mission and adventures. Genius is not only helping Captain Biceps in missions, because they are colleagues at school, where he helps him with homework, quiz and trivia tests that you can see that will appear even here on our website for you to play together with Captain Biceps and Genius. The President is a new character in this Captain Biceps category, and you will see that he loves puzzles, hidden objects, hidden letters and hidden stars pictures that he can look at and try to finish them in the shortest time to keep his mind busy. He is always dressed in a suit with a tie and has a cigar going on to appear more sofisticated. Carmina Cantaloup is Captain Biceps' mom, and you can see that she still thinks of the superhero as her little boy, so she will not hesitate to send him brush his teeth, clean his room and do his homework. We are sure that you will love this new superhero and boys category, and you will love all of the games from it, so we are waiting for you to search for the Captain Biceps games category here on our website. Have fun!