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Buddy has a Dinosaur Train filled with all types of dinosaurs. This is a musical show, in which Buddy tries to teach children all ages different values.

Dinosaur Train games category is the latest one created for kids all around the world to play in! There's a new series of Dinosaur Train games that you can play for free, and if you love dinosaurs, our website is the perfect place where you can have a great time playing ability challenges, puzzles, adventures and plenty of educational Dinosaur Train games for free! These new challenges will be free to play online for girls and boys all ages! The new game inside this category will be available to be played on your mobile phones, on your computers, on your laptops or on your tablet devices, and all you need to access them is to have an internet connection, and find the Dinosaur Train games category on google or directly on our website!

Our category is going to be based on a preschool television series which of course will have the same name. Dinosaur Train is a musical series, which we are sure that you guys will love. Children love singing animals, and what's cooler than a singing dinosaur? We can assure you that a group of dinosaurs will beat just one singing dinosaur all day long. The Dinosaur Train games such as the series is going to be created specially for kids aged between 3 and 6, but we are sure that all children, with a higher age will love to play Dinosaur Train games right here on our website, because most of them are musical games and plenty of them will be children educational games and interractive games which children can play for free online.

The very first episode of the Dinosaur Train series appeared in 2019, and since then, there were 5 full seasons which can be watched on PBS Kids. Each and every one of these seasons will have the same main character, and he's name is Budy. He is a Tyrannosaurus Rex type of dinosaur, and he is going to appear in most of the Dinsaur Train games and episodes, and the first interesting thing will appear here! Buddy and his family have a different race, which means that he might be adopted. Buddy's family are Pteranodons. We also have a small disclaimer, there are a lot of new names that you will learn through this new PBS Kids show called Dinosaur Train, because each of the characters inside the story can be a different type of dinosaur.

Each and every one of the Dinosaur Train games that you can start playing since today here on our website will be free to play! We give you the opportunity to play with Buddy a lot of Dinosaur Train games anywhere you are. The HTML5 games with Dinosaur Train are ready, and using your mobile phones regaldes if they are ios or android can access our website and this new category! Besides phones or tablets, you can try playing the free onlinw Dinosaur Train games even on your computers and laptops, and see where do you like to play the most.

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This new show is going to be the perfect opportunity for small children regardless if they are boys or girls, because this series is going to be filled with teachable moments, special educational and interractive games, in which your kids can give correct answers to questions and even a full quiz while watching the episode, because the dinosaur characters will ask the question, and wait for a limited period of time, singing a song so that your baby boy or baby girl can give the answer and paciently awaiting for the answer from Buddy to see if they are correct or not.

The episodes of Dinosaur Train are going to take place in different scenarios or environments, but the time period will be the same, the show being about dinosaurs, one of the first lessons that you will learn is that they lived in the prehistorical age, and so the time-frame will be accurate with the age, but there are going to be episodes in which Buddy and all the other characters are going to be in the middle of the jungle, deep inside swamps, on the side of active volanoes, swimming in the ocean or even finding new islands in their adventures.

All these environments, lands, islands or simple - places are going to be connected with each other through a train line, and from that, the name of the show - Dinosaur Train. You will see throughout the series that the train will be easily upgrated or customized by you guys, or by Buddy, based on the type of dinosaur he is going to host on the train, and one of these upgrades is the length or width of the train, because there are bigger dinosaurs or very tall ones, and each one has to fit inside the train. Different dinosaurs will have long tails, some will have long necks, some will have big bodies and will have long tails, legs or arms that will all have to fit inside the Dinosaur Train, so you will see how different the train can look.

The beginning of the show, you will see that there's going to be the first song, which will show you the main story, that Buddy a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur is adopted by a Pteranodon dinosaur family. He is going to have three brothers, Tiny, Shiny and Don. The main character of the story, you will see that he is going to learn that he is a different dinosaur breed than his brothers, and that's going to be the first twist of the story.

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One of the most popular categories from our website is the Dinosaur Train games, and you will have to be sure that you can defeat the challenges. Being a dinsaur category, Buddy is going to prepare for you boys and girls some of the most exciting and the most interesting challenges, in which you will have to make sure that you can start earning as many points as possible. Buddy will need your help in plenty of animal games so that you can learn many species of dinosaurs from the Dinosaur Train show. This is just one of the dinosaur games prepared for you inside this new category, and you will see how there are dinosaur pictures, and description of each type of dinosaur that you will have to match with the name, and you will be rewarded with points with each and every one of your correct answers.

Being a musical show, each and every one of the dinosaur characters from this category is going to have at least one musical game with Dinosaur Train themes. You will see how much fun you can have playing these new Dinosaur Train games that you can play even on your mobile phones and tablets. There are plenty of interesting challenges, in which you will have to match the the song witch the musical notes, and so Buddy and all the other characters from Dinosaur Train will have small songs and entire musicals that you can love, and will be your favorite songs to hear at different events.

Like any other kid, because Buddy is your age, he loves to play games just like you guys! And one of his favorite type of game is puzzles. Dinosaurs and environments from the Dinosaur Train adventures are all going to be ready, and you will finish the puzzles right here on our website. Dinosaur Train puzzles is the keyword that you have to use in order to find the puzzle games as fast as possible, and clicking the play button you will start sorting through the puzzle pieces, and start placing the puzzles in the right spot, and so the picture will be completed, and you will be rewarded with a lot of points, and Buddy will continue to bring for you awesome challenges and amazing little games with music, dinosaurs, puzzles, differences and hidden objects. Have fun!

Is Dinosaur Train an actual train?

Yes, there's a train in the story that all dinosaurs ride.

Is Dinosaur Train for kids?

Yes, this PBS Kids show is for kids between 3-6 years old.

How is the main character of this dinosaur show?


Is Buddy real?

No Buddy is a fictional dinosaur.

Is Buddy adopted?

Yes, Buddy is adopted by his family.

What kind of Dinosaur is Buddy?

Buddy is a Tyrannosaurus Rex.