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This new and fun online category that we have decided to offer to you next today is dedicated to the characters from the series known as Dinosaur Train.

What are the best Dinosaur Train Games in 2020?

  1. Pteranodon Fishing (played: 2217 times)
  2. Guess Who (played: 2209 times)
  3. Dino Jigsaw (played: 2135 times)
  4. Slide It (played: 1924 times)
  5. Rail Rally (played: 1913 times)
  6. Window Watcher (played: 1881 times)
  7. Buddies Fly (played: 1776 times)
  8. Photo Hunt (played: 1672 times)
  9. Dino Dash (played: 1467 times)
  10. Dinosaur Tracks (played: 1313 times)

What are the best mobile Dinosaur Train Games?

  1. Rail Rally (played: 1913 times)
  2. Dinosaur Train Memory (played: 977 times)
  3. Buddy s Big Campout Adventure (played: 634 times)
  4. Dino Drink (played: 205 times)

Are you in for some new and fun categories of games? Well we are extremely happy to say that today we have for you fun new games to offer and we hope that you will try each one of them. In order to offer you those games, we need to create special categories in which to place them. This new and fun online category that we have decided to offer to you next today is dedicated to the characters from the series known as Dinosaur Train. We love to see you play all the games that we have for you and this is why we will do our best to bring you all the games with the characters from this new and fun series. Dinosaur Train is a fun animated serios that has as main character the young and curious Tyrannosaurus Rex , named Buddy. He has an adopted Pteranodon family with whom he takes the Dinosaur Train to explore the period in which he was born and have amazing adventures with all other kinds of dinosaurs. The prehistoric world of jungle, oceans , heavy swamps and even active volcanoes in which the story is set, show us the life of dinosaurs in that period, another life that we are extremely curious about and we can learn a lot from watching the series, but also playing the games that the administrative team of will make sure you have. The train with which they travel is a steam engine train that can be customized for all sizes and types of dinosaurs. The smartest dinosaurs are the Troodons and they are the ones who run the train and take care of it. The train circles around the world, being capable to cross even oceans to get to different islands, taking it’s passengers to visit even the undersea prehistoric animals. Would you like to be able to travel like them and learn live about these creatures? Well of course you will, but until that time will come, we invite you to play this games and discover the prehistoric world with your new friends. This world of Dinosaurs is seen through the eyes of the little Tyrannosaurus , Buddy and therefor you can see it to, through his eyes. Buddy has the curiousity of finding out the differences between the species. All the species of dinosaurs that you meet in the show and in the games are in fact real species of dinosaurs that were discovered trough time by paleontologists. Here in this new and fun online category that we have for you next today, we want you to try each new and amazing online games that we have for you with your new friends and have fun together. Join Buddy in his adventures with his family in the Dinosaur Train and discover as many fun things about dinosaurs while playing and having fun!