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What are Dinosaurs Games?

Dinosaurs ruled the world through fights against other dinosaurs! They are not here today throughout amazing dinosaur care games, dinosaur doctor games and a lot of dinosaur science games through you guys can learn all the dinosaur species!

Animals of all kinds are appearing in amazing games here on our website, and starting from today dear children, you will see that there's a new Dinosaurs category, in which you can play awesome games with interesting challenges for children all ages so that you can find your favorite type of dinosaur, from different species and from different types of games that you will be able to play for free with all of your friends and which you can try even on your mobile phones and tablets for free.

For you guys that are too small and don't know what's a dinosaur, you will learn today where they came from and how do they look. The first dinosaurs lived on Earth before any human, and they lived alone on the planet for a few hunder thousand years, until the first humans appeard and they lived together, even though most of the dinosaurs were catalogated as predators. There are a lot of known species of dinosaurs from the T-Rex or Tiranosaurus Rex which is one of the most popular dinosaurs because it was one of the biggest, one of the most powerful, and of course a carnivore, which ate other small dinosaurs and even human beings if they were catched.

The main categories of dinosaurs are the carnivors and the herbivors, which will even determine how the dinosaurs that you guys are going to play with look. The carnivors are going to be bigger, faster and will have big and sharp teeth that will help them eat their prai. The herbivors will be as large as other dinosaurs, but they will look different and you will see that their teeth are going to be different and see how much fun you will have playing with them while walking through the forrests and lands in different adventures, and you will see that they are going to appear in amazing challenges like coloring games, puzzles, educational games, math games and other types of challenges that you can think of, because they will be available right here on our website throughout the game.

Many people think that dinosaurs never existed, but you can still see different animals that resemple their ancesters like lizzards, crocodiles, eagles and other types of animals that you will see inside our games are going to resemble the dinosaurs that ruled the Earth million of years ago.

Gigantosaurus the T-Rex

All the kids all aroud the world are very excited each and every time they see a dinosaur however it looks, and you can see that there are a lot of dinosaur toys, dinosaur cartoons, dinosaur movies and dinosaur adventures, which you will be able to see even here on our website. One of the most popular show with dinosaurs for kids these days is Gigantosaurus. This is going to be a little cartoon series which is created by Disney Channel and Disney Junior in 2021, and the star of the show is going to be the big Tiranosaurus Rex or T-Rex, which is going to give the name of the show. His name is Gigantosaurus, and the entire plot is going to rely on the adventures that the big dinosaur is going to have with a little kid friend, and which shows the children all around the world that a big, powerful and scary creature can be gentle and be friends with a little kid.

Inside the story created by Disney you will see how many fun adventures and how many types of dinosaurs the children can learn while watching an educational and enternaining show. T-Rex is one of the first and one of the most popular, and you will see how much fun the kids can have while they are going to play tic tac toe challenges, memory games, puzzle games, coloring games and even math games, which will help the children have a lot of fun, gain a lot of points and start to become more smarter with each game that you finish or each episode the you watch on Disney Channel and Disney Junior.

Find out which are all the other Gigantosaurus challenges and games ready for you to play, and see which are all the other dinosaur shows that you can watch on TV and play their challenges for free online right here on our website. Stay tunned and we are sure that you will find your favorite type of dinosaur.

Dinosaurs and the Flinstones

Another story in which with each episode you can see another dinosaur is The Flinstone. This amazing story starred on Cartoon Network and after that was available on Cartoonito and Boomerang, and it's a very fun story which relies on the family life of Fred Flinstone and her wife Wilma Flinstone. These two characters are going to be living in the dinosaur era, and these dinosaurs which will have different shapes and different sizes and abilities are going to be their pets, their appliences to make their life easier or they will even be coworkers like Fred Flinstone which uses a dinosaur as a forklift at work, because he is going to work in a rock site, where he will pick a big rock with the help of his dinosaur and put it up on the hill.

The most famous dinosaur in this new story is going to be Dino! He is going to be one of the little dinosaurs that you are going to meet with inside this new series, and he is going to be the Flinstones' dog, and he will act like one, be treated as one and loved as one inside the family. There are going to be plenty of other dinosaur characters inside this story, because you will see how the dinosaurs will be birds, cats, tigers, elephants and other types of dinosaurs that you will see that will make the villagers from the Bedrock city to have a better life and be one step closer to the modern life that we are living today.

The dinosaurs are going to be very interesting and filled of skills, and you will have to make sure that in the shortest time, you will see each and every one of the dinosaurs what can do. You will see that there are going to be elephants that will be used as dish washers, so that they can use their trumps and spray water on dirty dishes so that they are going to be clean at the end of the cycle. There are going to be birds that are going to be used as lamps, and they will stand with a bulb in their peak and once you pull a feather, you will activate it and there's going to be light in the house.

There are going to be plenty of other type of dinosaurs that will have with different skills and attributes in people's houses, and we are sure that you will be able to play a lot of adventure games with the dinosaurs and Fred Flinstone throughout the games that we are going to prepare for you to play with all of your friends for free.

Tryout of Dinosaurs

We told you about two famous series from Disney Channel and Cartoon Network, but these are not the only ones! The most famous series which you will also be ready for you to find out with all of your friends, and today you can start playing awesome challenges like memory games, coloring games, puzzles, differences, spot the differences, caring games and even doctor games, in which you will have to make sure that you can become the very first dinosaur doctor from our website, and all you have to do is to find the games, click play and enjoy, because we have prepared for you all the tools and all the medicine or treatments to use.

We are sure that you want to know which are all the other shows or series for you to watch, and we are 100% sure that all the kids on our website heard at least once about the Jurassic Park, which is a series of movies that started 20 years ago, and in which you will see that humans wanted to capture as many dinosaurs as possible, wanted to study them and so they created a big park which was called Jurassic. There are in the present more than 4 Jurassic Park movies that you can watch, and you will see that it's going to be one of the most realistic movie with dinosaurs.

Good Dinosaur is another good story for children all ages is another type of story that you can see on TV, and it's all about a little boy that lived in the stone-age. He started to become friends with one of the dinosaurs, which you will fast learn throughout our Good Dinosaur games that his name is going to be Spot, and the two characters are going to appear in amazing challenges and funny stories that you can play with all of your friends.

Dinosaur Train is also an awesome series, in which a lot of dinosaurs are going to be the main characters, and they have a lot of adventures which you will be able to take part of with all of your friends. You can see that inside the challenges, the dinosaurs of the series are going to want to go through a lot of adventures and a lot of exciting and educational little games, through which they want to teach children arround the world through little games what does engeneering mean, what does math problems have to be solved and see how many other puzzles in life could be solved faster and easier.

Are dinosaurs still alive?

Not really, but dinosaur like creatures are still alive, like crocodiles and lizzards.

What was the last dinosaur on Earth?

The Chenanisaurus barbaricus species.

What was one of the biggest dinosaur?


What's a T-Rex?

T-Rex comes from Tiranosaurus Rex, the name of the dinosaur specie.

What made the dinosaurs extinct?

It's said that a big asteroid hit the planet and killed all the dinosaurs.

What's the smartest dinosaur?

The Troodon dinosaur species.

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