Christmas Dino Run

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As always, we are more than happy to offer you the chance to meet all kinds of characters and to play all kinds of games here on our site this Christmas Dino Run is definitely a game that is worthy of your attention, and you can see even by just reading the title that you get to play a really special Christmas game, and any game which is dedicated for the beautiful winter holidays can only be a lot of fun and very cute and festive. 

There are indeed a lot of fun Christmas games waiting for you every year here on our site, and each of them is very special, but today we hope to surprise you with this new Christmas Dino Run because, as you can see, besides the fact that it is a running game, it is also a game in which you are playing with a dinosaur, which usually doesn't happen on Christmas.

So, as we have said before, you are about to play a Christmas adventure and we hope you are going to be curious about it. This Christmas Dino Run is definitely a game in which you are going to have fun, you get the Christmas spirit, Christmas decoration, and Christmassy challenge, but the character you are playing with is a dinosaur and that is definitely a special kind of game because there aren't many games, especially Christmas games, in which you get to play with dinosaurs. 

So your mission is going to be like an obstacle course, you should get the cute Dino to safety in all the levels. You will have presents and other bonus points to collect along the way, but you will also have obstacles and even enemies to avoid. Good luck!

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