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What are Dragon Ball Games?

Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z are series of adventures based on the life of Goku and Gohan! Father and son, they will try to defeat in different fights a lot of aliens and zombies that will try to take over planet Earth. You will go at war with them, try to race them on clouds, fight, box and even defeat them in mind games like puzzles, riddles and missing letters challenges!

There are a lot of boys here on our website that are looking for the perfect game, and starting from today, we are going to present for you guys a new category for all ages! This new category is called Dragon Ball Z! This is a very exciting Japanese story, which is going to star a little kid called Goku, which is going to train his entire life to become one of the best fighters in the world, and you will be able to be side by side and train together. This is a Japanese anime series, in which you guys are going to meet with Son Goku, the main character of the series, which you will see that it's just going to be a very special little boy which is going to have to defend the world, because villains like Vegeta or Frieza are going to try to take over the Earth.

Most of the Japanese series had along the years a manga series, and the DBZ or the Dragon Ball manga was created by Akira Toriyama, which was aired from 1988 to 1995, years in which Dragon Ball become more and more popular. Based on the original story with Son Goku as a kid, there's the second part of the story, which is Dragon Ball Z! This is going to be an amazing series for boys, because Son Goku and all of his friends will have special abilities which you can see only in this show! You will see that the main character is going to have a very special power that only he has in the entire world, and a very special trait of the boy called Son Goku is that he can travel the realms of the world on a little cloud, which he can summon wherever he is.

You will see that one of the most interesting thing about Son Goku is that he looks like a real kid, but he has some special stuff about him that you might have not seen before. One of the things is that he is born to be one of the most powerful warriors in the world, and the second one is that even though he looks normal, Son Goku will have a little monkey tail! The tail is alive and often does not obey Goku, which will turn out to be extremely funny when the tail is going to hit his owner and does all kinds of crazy stuff without Goku giving "permision". You would expect that a body member like a foot or an arm will not wabble and do stuff that your brain doesn't want it too, like Goku's tail, which you will see that at some points, it will even come in handy and will help Goku train and even be helpful during combat.

Now that you know how to easily spot Goku from a crowd, you can get one step closer into his manga world and see which are the best adventures, which are the best challenges for kids and for samurais as well! You will see that Goku is going to try to defeat his enemies in each and every one of the challenges and games that we are going to post, and that will mean that you have to try them all and see which is your best chance to become like Goku. For that, you have to go through all of his training on our website, which means that you have to finish all the coloring books, calculate all the math problems, spell all the missing letters problems and start to sort through different puzzles, match memory cards and see how you can even start racing with your cloud and motorcycles through the manga land, and so you will be like Goku once you finished.

Saiyan Saga started

This story is going to take place five years after the original series has ended, which was the Dragon Ball anime cartoon, in which Goku was just a kid that was training to defeat his enemies that already want him dead. Inside this new series, there's going to be new villains to defeat, new challenges and a lot of suprises. You will see that Goku is a young adult, and he will even have a son of his own and his name is going to be Gohan, and he will be very present through the adventures.

In the beginning of the series, you will see that there's a new villain starring beside Vegeta and Picollo! Raditz, is going to be Goku's next opponent, and he will be a humanoid alien which arrived on our planet for the sole purpose to find Goku, which it turns out that will be his older brother that got lost in space, and he tells him that they are part of a alien warrior race called Saiyans! Goku was sent to Earth so that he can conquer the planet and wait for their arrival, but Goku didn't want to take part of their plans, so you will see that Raditz is goin to take Goku's son, Gohan with him on his ship, because he is at first much more powerful than Goku and defeated him with only one hit.

Raditz is threatening Goku with Gohan's life if he doesn't fulfill his destiny and makes him kill more than 100 humans from Earth in 24h. At this point, there's going to be a big turn of events, because for the first time ever, Goku and Picollo, his sworn enemy team up and try to defeat Raditz, and there's going to be another amazing scene, in which Gohan is going to outake his father or Picollo's power, and his rage makes him extremely powerful. Gohan is going to attack Raditz to protect Goku which was a real success, but Goku knows that the other Saiyans will return quite quickly and try to get the other Dragon Balls.

Picollo is going to no longer be Goku's enemy since that day, and he even sees the potential that Gohan has after seeing his rage and his power, and that will make him take Gohan under his belt and starts to train him as hard as possible so that he is going to be ready for the next battles against the more powerful Saiyan Elite warriors that are about to come on Earth for the Dragon Balls. Goku goes to the afterlife, where you will see that he is not going to stop training, and he finds one of the biggest senseis that ever lived, the ruler of North Galaxy, King Kai. He is going to start training Goku so that he can control the Kaio-Ken powers and the Spirit Bomb.

Goku is going to get revived from the afterlife by his son and Picollo when they used the Dragon Balls! Even though this is very important, it will be fast seen that he will not make it in time to the fight against the Saiyans, and Gohan and Picollo will be shown as not being a match to the powers of Nappa and the Prince of all Saiyans, Vegeta. This is just one of the series of the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z! We are sure that you will see how many other exciting and interesting stories based on Goku's and Gohan's adventures will led to appear, and which you can be part of right here on our website. Have fun!

Who is the main character of Dragon Ball?

Goku, and after that his son, Gohan.

What are the Dragon Balls?

Dragon Balls are powerful and magical balls that when all together have amazing powers that can even revive a man from the dead.

Does Goku have a son?

Yes, his name is going to be Gohan.

Who is Goku's main opponent?

At first, Picollo. But Vegeta is going to be his biggest rival.

How many parts does Dragon Ball have?

You will see two main series: Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.

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