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In this new category, you will find all types of games with Dragon, adventure games, fighting games, creative games, caring games and so on. First le ut talk a little about the legendary creatures, about Dragons, and after that we are inivting you to play all the games we have to offer especially for you.

Every day of the week, we are trying to bring for you guys plenty of new games! Today, Dragons games is the new category that we are presenting for you guys to search for free challenges inside. This new Dragons games category is going to be filled with exciting games for boys and girls, and a category in which you will get the change to meet with plenty of characters from some of your favorite stories and movies! Disney stories are very popular, CBS stories and even Cartoon Network stories are going to have representatives inside the Dragons games that we are going to present for you guys starting from today!

Do you know what dragons are really? If you don't we can tell you a short story. Dragons can be from different categories, there are the flying dragons, which have the ability to fly, there are the fire dragons, which have the ability to spit fire, and the earth dragons, which don't have either of these two abilities, but they are bigger, stronger and more powerful. Most of the Dragons games that we are going to present for you guys will have each and every one of these types of dragons, from the stories and movies that you love!

The dragons from our website will have two legs and two arms, but they will have the ability to walk in two legs based on the type of dinosaur it will be, or will be walking on all four legs. The shape, size and color of the dragons will be different also based on the Dragon story or the Dragons games that we are going to try. The dinosaurs will have different colors based on the type of dinosaur he is going to be, and you will see that there are green dragons, which will mostly be earth dragons that do not have the ability to spit fire. The blue dragons will be mostly flying ones, and some of the most powerful dragons will be represented by red or black colors, and they will both have the ability to fly and spit fire.

This is just a preview of what types of dragons you guys can meet with inside our latest Dragons games, and we are sure that you will have a great time, because these games will be both girl games and boys games, which you can play for free. The latest online Dragons games are also going to be available on all platforms! You can try playing the free Dragons games on your mobile phones, android or apple. You can try playing on windows, regardless if you have a computer or laptop, and even on your tablets! All you will need is an internet connection to reach the Dragons games on our website.

How to Train Your Dragon

This is the beginning of the series! Toothless is the main character of the story, and he is going to be a Black Fury dragon, one of the rarest dragons in the realm. He is very fast, is all black, has green eyes, and a very unique feature of this type of dragon,is that he has retractable teeth, hence his name, Toothless. The entire series is going to be based on the life of Toothless, since he is found by a Viking teenage boy, in a period in which dragons were hunted by Vikings and trap them so that they do not destroy their villages. The Viking found a way to live with the dragons over time, and Toothless is one of the first dragons that got trained. This gave the name of the series, How to Train Your Dragon.

The entire series can be watched on Netflix, and you can go through the adventures with the dragons even through our unique Dragons games! You will learn how to fly a dragon, how to train a dragon to listen to different commands, and even learn how to spit fire just like a dragon does. Toothless is a friendly dragon, and if you are watching the Netflix series How To Train Your Dragon, you will see in plenty of scenes, that the dragons, mostly Toothless is acting just like a dog does around the house, so like a Viking pet. The Dragons you are going to watch in this series will be different based on the type of dragon they are, and there's a special mountain, in which new dragons are being born and where Vikings go and match with their dragons for life.

Digby Dragon

A new Dragons games series is yet to be discovered, and it's name is Digby Dragon! This series has been created by Nick Jr or Nickelodeon. This is a british series, in which the main character is going to be actual Digby Dragon, a young green "fledgling" dragon which doesn't have the ability to fly. The entire series is going to rely on his actions and adventures, and you can be by his side each step of the way. You will see that Digby loves to make new friends, and you can be Digby's best friend by playing all the Digby Dragon games or our new Dragons games in which he is the main character.

Digby lives in the magical land of Applecross Wood, where he has a lot of friends, also dragons and other types of animals. The characters are a mixture of real animals which you could encounter in a walk in the wood, and magical creatures such as trolls. The Digby Dragon games are going to be very educational, and you will see that there are plenty of quiz games for you to play, educational challenges in which you will learn math, spelling and even cute little songs.

How many types of dragons are there?

Earth, water, wind and fire dragons.

Can we play Dragon games online?

Yes, Dragons games are free to play online on games-kids.com.

What color are the earth dragons?

Most of the Earth dragons are green.

What color are the fire dragons?

Most of the Fire dragons are red or black.

Can all Dragons fly?

Yes. Most dragons can fly.

Can all Dragons spit fire?

No, not all dragons can spit fire.