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Embarking on cosmic adventures

"Elliot from Earth" zooms into an exciting journey that takes us to faraway lands and space adventures! Created by Guillaume Cassuto, Mic Graves, and Tony Hull, this animated TV series has thrilled viewers on Cartoon Network. Our hero, eleven-year-old Elliott, teams up with his amazing geologist mom, Frankie, for a wild quest across Earth, hunting for meteorites. But here's the twist, these aren't just ordinary rocks! Frankie's eager to unravel the secrets of a super-old, 65-million-year-old space-looking rock that lacks something called a fusion crust. That's the cue for a jaw-dropping discovery!

One fateful night, their actions bring the rock to life! It's no ordinary space rock; it's a mind-blowing alien gadget that transforms into a magical sphere, ready to blast into space. Talk about a cosmic surprise! Before they know it, Elliott and Frankie are whisked away to the other side of the Universe, landing smack dab in a colossal space station called the Centrium. Their adventures kick into high gear when they meet Mo, a dinosaur with a unique flair, and accidentally misplace the super-cool rock somewhere in the wild biosphere. Cue the mystery and the thrill! Exploring this new land, they befriend aliens and discover fascinating wonders, all while navigating the complex and fantastic Centrium City.

Amidst the wonders and discoveries, Frankie keeps her quest alive, seeking answers about the enigmatic rock. Alongside Mo, the trio adapts to life in the city, unlocking new experiences, making friends, and having out-of-this-world adventures. This extraordinary journey is packed with surprises, new friends, and unbelievable discoveries! "Elliott from Earth" is an incredible space tale that unfolds across distant galaxies, teaching us about friendship, curiosity, and the vastness of the universe! So, buckle up, because there's a universe of adventure waiting for Elliott, Frankie, and Mo!

The colorful characters of Elliott from Earth

"Elliott from Earth" introduces us to a vibrant ensemble of characters, each adding their unique charm and perspective to the whimsical adventures across the Centrium. Led by the curious and adventurous Elliott, this animated series from Cartoon Network showcases a diverse cast, filled with both humans and extraterrestrial beings, making the show a colorful tapestry of personalities. Elliott, voiced by Samuel Faraci, is the show's central character, an 11-year-old boy with an insatiable curiosity and an earnest desire to make friends. He embodies a blend of youthful enthusiasm and impulsive action, often finding himself in puzzling predicaments due to his adventurous spirit. Elliott's open-mindedness allows him to embrace the wonders of the Centrium and its inhabitants.

Accompanying Elliott on his extraterrestrial escapades is Mo, a nearsighted Stegosaurus, voiced by Noah Kaye Bentley. Mo's journey mirrors Elliott's, as he discovers himself along with Elliott's aunt's glasses that he proudly dons. His quick learning and adaptability make him a loyal friend to Elliott. Frankie, voiced by Naomi McDonald, serves as Elliott's mother and a geologist passionate about studying extraterrestrial phenomena. Frankie's scientific mind is balanced by her adventurous spirit, often leading her and Elliott into exciting and sometimes precarious situations. Her determination to explore and discover adds depth to the quest for understanding the mysterious rock from space.

The aliens populating the Centrium bring a spectrum of personalities and experiences to the show. 105E, voiced by Diane Morgan, is the dry-witted droid that aids Elliott and Frankie in unraveling the mysteries of their arrival. Her ability to project others' memories contributes to uncovering crucial details about their journey. The Hive Director, voiced by Angelina Ispani, stands as a wise and revered figure on the Centrium. Her unique aging process, where her species reverses in age, grants her unparalleled wisdom, making her an ideal custodian of knowledge.

Lord Kallous the Merciless, or 'Mr. K' to his students, voiced by Stephen Greif, transitions from his intergalactic tyrant past to a teacher on the Centrium. Despite a tumultuous past and the challenge of teaching school kids, his character evolves, bringing depth and unexpected moments of wisdom. Among the other intriguing characters are Gym, the disciplined Chef of the Hive; Kane, a gruff alien; Mrs. Argolis, the three-headed next-door neighbor; Nara, Elliott and Mo's friend known for her planning skills, and Preston, who enjoys life at a leisurely pace. The series offers a fascinating blend of personalities, each contributing to the delightful tapestry of adventures, friendships, and discoveries in the unique world of the Centrium. Through their interactions and escapades, these characters illuminate the joys of exploration, the value of friendship, and the thrill of embarking on thrilling intergalactic adventures.

Fun-filled adventures

The games could feature characters like Elliott, Mo, Frankie, and other inhabitants of the Centrium, involve space adventures, exploring different dimensions, or engaging in activities inspired by the show's storyline. The specific games available might vary in gameplay, difficulty, and platforms where they can be accessed. Games related to "Elliott from Earth" could potentially include adventure games and these might involve exploring various environments from the show, solving puzzles, and interacting with characters to complete quests or challenges.

The puzzle games could involve matching, sorting, or solving puzzles could incorporate characters and elements from the series. You could also find platform games which could feature characters like Elliott or Mo navigating through different levels, overcoming obstacles, and collecting items. Also, there are the great quiz or trivia games that test your knowledge about the show's characters, episodes, or settings. There are coloring or creativity games which allows players to color scenes or create artwork based on characters and scenes from the show. And last but not least, the mini games, which are some collections of smaller games or challenges themed around various elements of the series.

What genre is "Elliott from Earth"?

"Elliott from Earth" is an animated science fiction and adventure series with elements of comedy.

Who are the main characters in "Elliott from Earth"?

The main characters are Elliott, Mo, Robot, Space Frog and Hector

What is "Elliott from Earth"?

"Elliott from Earth" is an animated TV series that follows the adventures of Elliott, a young boy, who finds himself living on a spaceship with his mom after an unexpected turn of events.

Who created the series?

The show was created by Guillaume Cassuto, Mic Graves, and Tony Hull.

What is the plot of "Elliott from Earth"?

Elliott, a human boy from Earth, is transported to the Centrium, where he meets all kinds of aliens.