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Welcome to a new category of games here on our site, we of course hope you are all going to be curious to play with the Madrigal family in the Encanto games.

The madrigal family is a magical one because, besides the fact that they live in Casita, which is a magical house, and they live in Encanto, which is one of the safest and most beautiful villages, they all have super powers, well all of them except for Mirabel.

This makes her sad but by the end of the story you can realise that Mirabel is the family member who is destined to keep them all together and she is most likely the next abuela who is going to help all the future generations to receive their super powers.

The Madrigal Family is a very big family, Abuela, with her three children, Peppa, JUlieta and Bruno. Julieta is married to Augustin and they have together Mirabel,Isabel and Luisa. Peppa is married to Felix and they have together Antonio, Camelio and Dolores.

As always, we are more than happy to present to you all the crazy games we have prepared for you everyday, and that is why we are trying our best to bring you all the newest stories, cartoons, animations, all the characters and fairytales with which and in which you can have the best time ever, and the newest category which we are sure you are going to love is the Encanto games category.

We are more than excited for you to have the chance to play with the Encanto games because the story is one of the most magical ones and we are sure you are going to enjoy each and every one of them, and any of you, girls and boys, whichever type of game you like the most, we can guarantee that you will find a game of your liking, a girls game, a boys game, adventure games, puzzle games, all the games which you can think of, are going to be here.

Madrigal Family

So maybe you have seen the story of Encanto and then you know all about the Madrigal family who are the main characters which the story is about, but if you haven't seen the animation, not to worry because we are here to tell you everything about the Madrigal family. In fact, in the animation, one of the first persons you get to meet is Mirabel, she is one of the family members of the Madrigal family and she is walking around in her village doing all kind of chores and talking to the kids in the village and telling them all about her family.

The Madrigal family is very popular in the Encanto village because, besides the fact that they all live together in Casita and that their family is very big, they all have special powers, magical powers which makes them really important for the village.

The first member of the family is, of course, Abuela, she escaped years ago and the land offered her casita and the magical flame which gives her family members special powers. Peppa Madrigal, Bruno Madrigal and Julieta Madrigal are the three kids of abuela which she escaped with and they all have special powers.

Pepa can change the weather depending of her mood which is not always easy for her because always controlling your emotions is very difficult, when she is happy it's sunny outside but if she gets really mad, a storm appears. Peppa is married to Felix and together they have Camilo, Antonio and Dolores. Dolores can hear really well and that sometimes bothers her, for example there are moments in the movie when everybody is clapping, but she is just touching two of her fingers together, because the noise bothers her. Camilo is the oldest brother and he can shape-shift which is of course really cool, and Antonio is the youngest brother and you can even see in the story when he gets his powers, and it is a very cool one, he can talk with animals.

Julieta is the mother of Mirabel, and her superpower is that she can heal people with her cooking which sounds like something very useful. She is married to Augustin and together they have three kids. They have Mirabel, who is in fact the character which life the story follows, she is the youngest sister, and she doesn't; have any powers, casita didn't give her any, which makes her feel like she is not part of the family even though she tries to hide that. Isabel is the middle sister, she is often described as "perfect", she is very beautiful and elegant and she can grow beautiful flowers and plants. Luisa is the oldest sister and she has super strength and she always helps everybody, thing which later she confesses that puts a lot of pressure on her.

Bruno is the third brother and son of Abuela, he can see the future and that is why he is in fact ostracised by the rest of the family and "they don't talk about Bruno" because the predictions he makes are often negative and people are not ready to hear them and they tend to think that it's Bruno's fault that they become reality, and not that he is just a messenger.

There is in fact another character which is somehow important to the story, and that is Mariano who is about to be engaged to Isabel.

Mirabel's special power

Even though she fights these feelings and she doesn't want to show it, Mirabel is in fact very upset about the fact that she doesn't have a superpower and often times she feels like she is not a part of the family, which makes her do all kind of clumsy things because she is trying too hard. At one point, when she was asking her aunt Peppa about Bruno, she finds out that he left because of a prediction he made which made everybody nervous, vision which he had at Peppa and Felix's wedding, which made them have the wedding in a storm because of Peppa's emotions.

Bruno had a weird vision about Mirabel and she wanted to find out more about that so she goes to his tower and she manages to find the vision, and when she puts the broken pieces of the vision bake together she sees herself in front of a broken casita, or herself in front of a perfectly well casita, depending on the angle she looked at the vision, which meant it's not a fix vision.

The story goes forward and it seems that the more distraught she is, the more the casita suffers. But the truth is that while she tries to find out more about Bruno and the problems that the casita has, she talks to all of her siblings and family members and finds out all about their own struggles and in fact helps them figure them out and become better people and of course happier people.

But all of this madleling makes Abuela really angry and the story degenerates in a way, with all of the fighting between Abuela and Mirabel, that the casita breaks all over and it's all in ruins at the end of the fight, which makes Mirabel run off to the forest.

Abuela finds her and they have a long talk about the difficult past Abuela had and how she needed to save her children, about casita and Encanto and about Mirabel's special power and they end making up and of course the whole family and the whole village works together to restore casita.

In the end, when Mirabel put's the door knob back, casita comes back to life. The story doesn't say directly, but it gives you the impression that Mirabel didn't receive a special power because she is the one to keep her family together, happy and healthy, she is the next Abuela. She even finds Bruno along the way and makes him come back to the family and Abuela forgives him.

The Madrigal family is like any other family, with flaws and qualities, but they love each other and they have a magical story and the games in which you get to play with them are going to be just amazing, so we hope you are going to be curious to check them all out.

Who are the Madrigal family members?

The family members are Abuela, Peppa, Felix, Julieta and Augustin, Bruno, Camelio, Antonio and Dolores, Peppa's kids, and Mirabel, Isabel and Luisa, Julieta's kids.

What superpowers they have?

They have super strength, super hearing, shape shifting powers, talking to animals, healing with cooking, controlling with the weather, growing plants, seeing the future.

What is casita?

Casita is the magical house in which the Madrigal family lives.

What is Encanto?

Encanto is the magical village which the Madrigal family built together with all the people living in the village?

Why don't they talk about Bruno?

Bruno can see the future and his predictions were sometimes really negative which made people fear him.

Why is that Mirabel doesn't have a special power?

The story doesn't say directly, but by the end of the story is seems that Mirabel is going to be the next Abuela, the family member who keeps the whole family together.

What is the Madrigal family story about?

The Madrigal family is a magical family that lives in the village of Encanto. All the members of the family have special powers, except for Mirabel. She is the youngest sister and does not have any powers.

What are the special powers of the Madrigal family members?

Abuela has the power to control the magical flame that gives her family members their special powers. Peppa has the ability to control the weather depending on her mood. Bruno has the power of telekinesis. Julieta has the ability to heal people with her cooking. Camilo has the power of shape-shifting, Antonio can talk to animals, and Dolores has enhanced hearing. Isabel has the ability to control plants, and Luisa has the power of teleportation.

Is Mirabel a part of the Madrigal family?

Yes, Mirabel is a member of the Madrigal family. Even though she does not have any special powers, she is still a part of the family and plays an important role in keeping them all together.

What is the Encanto games category about?

The Encanto games category is a collection of games based on the Madrigal family story and the village of Encanto. It includes a variety of games for both boys and girls, including adventure games, puzzle games, and more.