Enchantimals Games

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What are Enchantimals Games?

The Enchantimals games are focusing on a group of magical girls who live in Everwilde, a fantastic land. What makes them special is the fact that they have very strong bonds with their animal companions and the girls even have some features which make them resemble their best friends. The Enchantimals girl games are about peace, harmony and of course friendship.

If you love our site, we know that that is because you get to play all kind of fun and interesting games here on games-kids.com and that is why we are always ready to give you the chance to play more and more new and beautiful games. And because we want you to know that our site is the place to make new friends, we the administrative team of the site are always here to offer you new categories, which means new characters and new stories and this time you get to play with the Enchantimals. For now, our newest category,the Enchantimals category is super fun and cute and that is because of the characters that you get to play with in the Enchantimals games and of course that we are going to tell you a few words about them so we would make sure you know all the Enchantimals magical characters when you come to visit the games they appear in. So the Enchantimals story is about a group of cute and friendly girls but what makes them special is the fact that they live in Everwilde, a really magical place where everything is beautiful, everything is possible and there is peace and quiet and its characters are all friends. Well the Enchantimals girls are so special because they all have a very strong bond witht heir animal best friends and this strong bond implies that they even have some features that make them look like their animal companies, such as tails and ears and they are all very good friends. We don’t know exactly how this magical Enchantimals girls were made, but they are best friends with animals, with foxes, deer, rabbits and birds and they are here to make sure everything in Everwilde is peaceful and there is harmony everywhere. And now we are going to tell you a few things about the Enchantimals characters you get to play with in the magical Enchantimals games. The first one is Bree Bunny who is of course best friends with Twist, who is a bunny. She is very cute and friendly, she is white and pink and ready to have a lot of fun in the Enchantimals games. Patter Peacock’s companion is Flap, a peacock of course and they are both very beautiful. Lorna Lamb is another very cute Enchantimals girl and of course that her companion is a little lamb, Flag and they are very good friends and ready to play with you in the Enchatimals games. Felicity Fox is a character as well, her companion is Flick who is a fox and they are very close. There are a lot of Enchantimals girls waiting for you on our site and you get the special chance to play with them in the magical girl games we offer you so of course that Lorna, Felicity, Patter and all the other girls are here to play and become friends with you. Good luck!

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