Elsa and Jack Moving Together

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Have you girls heard the good news? That's right, your favorite Disney princess, Elsa, and her boyfriend, Jack Frost, have decided to take the next step and move in together! This is such exciting news for all of her friends, family, fans, and guess what? You girls will be the ones to help them do this, take their relationship to the next level.The two of them will move into a side of the castle that has been more isolated, no one has lived there, and they will need to do some serious cleaning stuff in order to be able to live there. What do you say, girls, shall we help them? Great! What you need to do, in this amazing game, is to find all the objects that the couple will need, for the cleaning process, and then, in the next level, actually get to use those objects . Use the glove to pick up and throw away the garbage, then, take the broom to clean the floors, and so on. Enjoy!

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