Robo Carpe Diem

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Greetings dear friends, today, our site team from has specially prepared for you this whole new batch of amazing and fun adventures, and we really hope that you are willing to join us within all our latest new games we've uploaded so that you friends can get to enjoy some quality time with your favorite characters of the cartoon series. We know that you guys are quite big fans of the Future Worm series, so, let us invite you within the following game Robo Carpe Diem, an adventure in which you kids are going to challenge your best skills, like agility and sharp eyes. Help this robot within the Future Worm category, to eat everything in his way by clicking on those objects in order to interact with them and sent the robot towards the food. We wish you guys good luck, pay attention on what objects you decide to eat, and have a fun time today, with us!

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