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Raspberry Cream Cake Game

In this game you are going to make a raspberry cream cake and that really sounds delicious, we know, and we are sure you are going to do a great job cooking this cake. In order to make it delicious and just like the recipe tells you, of course that you have to pay attention to the isntructions which are everywhere, but in the same time you have to be quick because the game is on time,if you take longer to do your task and follow the indications of the recipe, the score will get lower and lower and that is not a good thing. Of course that you want to cook a delicious cake, but we are sure that you also want to have a big score and for that you have to pay attention and to be quick. Fpr example the game will tell you to put the ingredients in the bowl, to mix them, to bake them and so on. Good luck!

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You can also read the instructions that Raspberry Cream Cake are given in the game and follow them carefully!

Raspberry Cream Cake Raspberry Cream Cake

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