Ultimate Stickman Fighting

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Play free Ultimate Stickman Fighting - 2 Player Games

You can find a lot of fighting games here on our site because we have noticed you enjoy them and the most important thing for us is to always make sure you have fun, so that is why today we have this Ultimate Stickman Fighting which we are sure you are going to enjoy becuase you actually get to play with Stickman who need your help. That is because this Stickmen want to have a fight, this is a 2 playr game so you can choose to play against the computer and fight that way, but you can also invite your best friend and fight against each other. Well in this Ultimate Stickman Fighting you simply have to focus on the controls and do your best to fight against your opponent and win. Good luck!

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How to play

First player uses "Arrow Keys" and "1,2,3,4,5" keys; second player uses "WASD" and "J,K,L,U" keys to play