Pocahontas Mohawk Milk Cakes

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Do you girls know how to cook, how to prepare cookies and so on? Well, it doesn’t matter what is your answer, because in this game, Pocahontas Mohawk Milk Cakes, you will be guided and helped during the whole game by your best friend, Pocahontas. Do you know who Pocahontas is? She is one of the Disney princesses, an indian princess of an old English tribe from New England, and she had to adapt to the civilization. It was very hard for her, and even though she is not living in an Era like ours, full of skyscrapers and cars and so on, but she still had to get used to the new civilizations that came in her world, and she did a pretty good job. For example, she has learned a new type of milk cookies, and she wanted to share her recipe with you girls, that’s why we said that it doesn’t matter if you can cook or not, because she will guide you and tell you what are the required steps in order to cook these delicious milk cookies. You should really pay attention and maybe play it until you learn to recipe, so that you can actually cook it for your friends. Have a great time girls, we recommend you to share this game with your friends also.

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